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    Generation #1 -*
    DW: Laura Janet Martin
    DH: Heathcliff Andrew Ledger (a girl can dream!!)

    Generation #2 -*
    DS: Atticus Colin Joshua
    DS: Owen Christopher Rex
    DD: Harriet Pamela Skye
    DS: Theodore John
    DS: Judah William

    Generation #3 -*
    Atticus Colin Joshua Ledger never marries, but is in a de facto relationship with Olivia Ann Harrison, which produces:-
    DD: Sophia Grace
    DS: Alexander Colin
    DD: Isabella Rose
    DS: Benjamin Jack

    Owen Christopher Rex Ledger remains single and never reproduces.

    Harriet Pamela Skye Ledger marries George Frederick McAllister. They choose not to reproduce.

    Theodore John Ledger marries Claire Elizabeth Wilson. They have 5 children:-
    DD: Arizona Pearl
    DS: Salem Wolf
    DS: Charleston Hawk
    DD: Maine Amethyst
    DD: Louisiana Rose

    Judah William Ledger remains single and never reproduces.

    Generation #4 -*
    Sophia Grace Ledger remains single, but procreates 4 children from a series of failed relationships.
    DD: Harriet Jane
    DS: Atticus John
    DD: Matilda Ray
    DS: Tristan Max

    Alexander Colin Ledger is in a de facto relationship with Adelaide Hope Freeman. They have 5 children:-
    DD: Poppy Astoria
    DD: Violet Chelsea
    DD: Hazel Cambria
    DS: Sterling Richmond
    DS: Jett Hudson

    Isabella Rose Ledger is in a de facto relationship with Daniel Martin Bates, which spawns 3 offspring:-
    DD: London Elizabeth
    DS: Camden Zachary
    DS: Brighton Joshua

    Benjamin Jack Ledger remains single and never reproduces.

    Arizona Pearl Ledger marries David Raymond Smith. They have 4 children:-
    DS: Fletcher Reed
    DD: Piper Blue
    DD: Harper Sage
    DS: Archer Knox

    Salem Wolf Ledger is in a de facto relationship with Ruby Stephanie Lark Morgan and they produce:-
    DD: Avery Bernadette
    DD: Bailey Wren
    DS: Charlie Kennelly
    DD: Drew Philippa
    DD: Emerson Rachel

    Charleston Hawk Ledger is widowed by Marianne Jessica Hooper. She hemorrhages and dies while giving birth. He raises their quintuplets:-
    DS: Jagger Nicholas
    DS: Hendrix William
    DS: Lennon Jeremy
    DD: Aretha Vivian
    DD: Marley Cassandra

    Maine Amethyst Ledger marries Gavin JasperClark. They have 5 children:-
    DD: Laura Scarlett
    DD: Lucy Evangeline
    DD: Leah Audrey
    DS: Logan Orlando
    DD: Lily Keira

    Louisiana Rose Ledger is in a de facto relationship with Russell Elliot Monroe. They produce 5 sons:
    DS: Harry Theodore
    DS: James Owen
    DS: Thomas Judah
    DS: Michael Salem
    DS: Andrew Charleston
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    Laura Janet. 28 years old.

    * Adelaide * Arizona * Calliope * Clementine * Daphne * Francesca * Harriet * Matilda * Ruby * Saskia *

    * Atticus * Declan * Felix * Lachlan * Nathaniel * Owen * Rafferty * Sullivan * Theodore * Vincent *

    Guilty Pleasure Names:
    * Bellamy * Magnolia * Temperance * Wilhelmina * Xanthe *
    * Archibald * Crosby * Fitzwilliam * Heathcliff * Lysander *

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