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    Generation 1

    DH: Thomas Oliver Hartley
    DW: Georgia Elizabeth Hartley

    Generation 2

    Thomas Oliver Hartley & Georgia Elizabeth Hartley
    DD: Lily-Mae Hartley
    DD: Charlotte Elizabeth Hartley
    DS: Ryan James Hartley
    DS: Oliver Alexander Hartley
    DD: Sophia Mary Hartley

    Generation 3

    Lily-Mae Hartley & Zach Johnathan Buckley
    DD: Louise Georgia Buckley
    DD: Adrianna Sarah Buckley
    DS: Mason Zachary Buckley

    Charlotte Elizabeth Hartley & Steven Mark Bryant
    DD: Jodie Claire Bryant
    DD: Jessica Dominique Bryant
    DD: Jasmine Wilhelmina Bryant
    DD: Jacqueline Zara Bryant

    Ryan James Hartley & Alexandra Madison Hayes
    DD: Skye Madison Hartley
    DD: Elizabeth Kendall Hartley

    Oliver Alexander Hartley & Hannah Simpson
    (No children)

    Sophia Mary Hartley & Matthew Hammond
    DD: Isobel Marie Hammond
    DS: Noah Cameron Hammond
    DS: Archie Ray Hammond
    DS: Louis Douglas Hammond
    DD: Ruby Elise Hammond
    DS: Toby Jacoby Hammond

    Generation 4

    Louise Georgia Buckley
    (Never married, no children)

    Adrianna Sarah Buckley & Ellis Joel Jenkins
    (No children)

    Mason Zachary Buckley (never married)
    DS: Michael Kirk Buckley
    DS: Rhys Adam Buckley

    Jodie Claire Bryant & Bradley William Austin
    DD: Melissa Gabrielle Austin
    DS: Dominic Stuart Austin
    DS: Max Jacob Austin

    Jessica Dominique Bryant & Bradley Edward Jarvis
    (No children)

    Jasmine Wilhelmina Bryant
    (Never married, no children)

    Jacqueline Zara Bryant
    (Never married, no children)

    Skye Madison Hartley & Leon Charles Wallis
    (No children)

    Elizabeth Kendall Hartley (never married)
    DD: Zoey Abigail Hartley

    Isobel Marie Hammond
    (Never married, no children)

    Noah Cameron Hammond & Katherine Leah Steele
    DD: Lucy Katherine Hammond
    DS: Riley Oliver Hammond
    DD: Natasha Leah Hammond

    Archie Ray Hammond (never married)
    DD: Lola Theresa Hammond
    DS: Curtis Taylor Hammond
    DS: Thomas Lee Hammond
    DD: Sarah Nicole Hammond
    DS: James Robert Hammond

    Louis Douglas Hammond & Angela Harriet Dahl
    DS: Carter Smith Hammond
    DD: Melody Dahlia Hammond

    Ruby Elise Hammond (never married, no children)

    Toby Jacoby Hammond & Layali Jabirah Hussain
    (No children)

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    Generation #1: Jennifer Nora Swann & Jacob Nicholas Swann

    Generation #2:
    Girl: Ella Catherine Swann
    Girl: Anna Madeline Swann
    Girl: Nora Josephine Swann

    Generation #3:

    Ella Catherine Miller (née Swann) & Thomas Evander Miller
    no children

    Anna Madeline Housedale (née Swann) & James Patrick Housedale
    G: Taylor Joanna Housedale
    B: Charlie Nicholas Housedale
    G: Daisy Jennifer Housedale
    G: Piper Matilda Housedale

    Nora Josephine Dawson (née Swann) & William Henry Dawson
    G: Evangeline Hope Dawson
    G: Beatrix Nora Dawson

    Generation #4:

    Taylor Joanna Alba (née Housedale) & Andrew Alexander Alba
    B: Archer Atticus Alba
    B: Caspian Sage Alba
    G: Reverie Juno Alba
    G: Echo Fidelity Alba

    Charlie Nicholas Housedale
    never married, no children

    Daisy Jennifer Hopkins (née Housedale) & Camden Joshua Hopkins
    no children

    Piper Matilda Housedale
    never married, no children

    Evangeline Hope Dawson
    never married, no children

    Beatrix Nora Jones (née Dawson) & Holden Matthias Jones
    B: Joah Revere Jones
    B: Luca Drummer Jones

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    Generation #1: Jillian Elizabeth & Jeremy Malcolm Danvers

    Generation #2: 6 children
    1. Boy; Holden Seth Danvers
    2. Girl; Phoebe Rose Danvers
    3. Boy; Quinton Gabriel Danvers
    4. Girl; Celia Juliette Danvers
    5. Boy; Declan Reid Danvers
    6. Boy; Emerson Noah Danvers

    Generation #3
    Holden Seth Danvers is left a widower after his wife, Gianna Alexandra Portman, dies
    Number of children: 5
    1. Boy; Hunter Jeremy Danvers
    2. Boy; Truman Caleb Danvers
    3. Boy; Colin Lucas Danvers
    4. Boy; Aidan Andrew Danvers
    5. Boy; Owen Nathaniel Danvers

    Phoebe Rose Danvers lives common law with her partner, Paige Caroline Fuller
    Number of children: 6
    1. Boy; Brandon Alexander Fuller-Danvers
    2. Boy; Ryder Chase Fuller-Danvers
    3. Girl; Julia Evelyn Fuller-Danvers
    4. Girl; Abigail Veronica Fuller-Danvers
    5. Boy; Mason Dominic Fuller-Danvers
    6. Boy; Joel William Fuller-Danvers

    Quinton Gabriel Danvers marries Sarah Katherine Harrison
    Number of children: 2
    1. Boy; Lennon Quinton Danvers
    2. Girl; Victoria Alice Danvers

    Celia Juliette Danvers marries Douglas Benjamin Wilcox
    no children

    Declan Reid Danvers
    never marries
    no children

    Emerson Noah Danvers marries Olivia Joan Rossi
    Number of children: 5
    1. Girl; Rose Valentina Danvers
    2. Boy; Sebastian Theodore Danvers
    3. Girl; Scarlett Flora Danvers
    4. Girl; Clementine Grace Danvers
    5. Boy; Hudson Daniel Danvers

    Generation #4
    Hunter Jeremy Danvers marries Camilla Miranda Clarke
    no children

    Truman Caleb Danvers marries Helena Eden Jones
    Number of children: 4
    1. Girl; Jasmine Mirabelle Danvers
    2. Girl; Felicity Amara Danvers
    3. Girl; Sophia Willow Danvers
    4. Boy; Beau Robert Danvers

    Colin Lucas Danvers
    never marries
    no children

    Aidan Andrew Danvers marries Carly Mae Johnson
    no children

    Owen Nathaniel Danvers has a domestic partnership with Fiona Leanne Sparks
    Number of children: 1
    1. Boy; Gray Paxton Danvers

    Brandon Alexander Fuller-Danvers marries Erica Marie Parker
    Number of children: 3
    1. Boy; Spencer Henry Fuller-Danvers
    2. Boy; Fletcher Michael Fuller-Danvers
    3. Boy; Carter John Fuller-Danvers

    Ryder Chase Fuller-Danvers
    never marries
    no children

    Julia Evelyn Fuller-Danvers marries Charlie Elliott Russell
    Number of children: 5
    1. Girl; Jillian Paige Russell
    2. Boy; Jett Weston Russell
    3. Girl; Kinsley Phoebe Russell
    4. Boy; Dexter Colt Russell
    5. Boy; Bentley Jameson Russell

    Abigail Veronica Fuller-Danvers marries Timothy James Morgan
    no children

    Mason Dominic Fuller-Danvers
    never marries
    no children

    Joel William Fuller-Danvers marries Gloria Diana Carson
    no children

    Lennon Quinton Danvers marries Isabella Hope Levine
    Number of children: 4
    1. Girl; Daisy Lola Danvers
    2. Boy; Dylan Rex Danvers
    3. Boy; Nash Jagger Danvers
    4. Boy; Graham Quinn Danvers

    Victoria Alice Danvers marries Neil Peter Morris
    no children

    Rose Valentina Danvers is a single mother after her husband, Liam Christopher Stillwell, dies
    Number of children: 4
    1. Boy; Concord Noble Stillwell
    2. Girl; Prudence Faith Stillwell
    3. Girl; Mercy Temperance Stillwell
    4. Boy; August Sage Stillwell

    Sebastian Theodore Danvers has a civil union with his girlfriend, Carrie Anne Lawrence
    Number of children: 5
    1. Girl; Harper Eloise Danvers
    2. Boy; Preston Miles Danvers
    3. Girl; Zoe Aria Danvers
    4. Boy; Gavin Xavier Danvers
    5. Girl; London Jade Danvers

    Scarlett Flora Danvers is left by her boyfriend, Stephan David Santos
    Number of children: 1
    1. Girl; Emily Olivia Danvers

    Clementine Grace Danvers
    never marries
    no children

    Hudson Daniel Danvers marries Heather Meredith Thompson
    Number of children: 5
    1. Girl; Addison Madeline Danvers
    2. Boy; Keenan Nathan Danvers
    3. Boy; Corbin Elijah Danvers
    4. Girl; Selena Anastasia Danvers
    5. Girl; Lucia Colette Danvers

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    Generation #1: Write down the names of you and your spouse (doesn't have to be real)
    Sienna Aria Wooldridge & George Robert Wooldridge

    Generation #2: 5 children (b/b/g/b/b)
    Joseph George Wooldridge
    Cristopher James Wooldridge
    Mathilda Anne Wooldridge
    Robert John Wooldridge
    Simon Phillip Wooldridge

    Generation #3: they all marry.
    Joseph George Wooldridge & Lisbeth Maria Wooldridge
    Emily Rose Wooldridge
    Louis John Wooldridge

    Cristopher James Wooldridge & Winter Leigh Wooldridge
    Caleb Vincent Wooldridge
    Holly Arielle Wooldridge
    Helena Pearl Wooldridge

    Mathilda Anne Miller & Rupert Scott Miller
    William Parker Miller
    Blaire Ophelia Miller
    Sienna Jane Miller
    Zara Batrice Miller

    Robert John Wooldridge & Beatrice Elizabeth Wooldridge
    Lucas Robert Wooldridge
    Taylor Anderson Wooldridge
    Nathaniel Elijah Wooldridge
    Eliza Spencer Ree Wooldridge
    Henry Daniel Wooldridge
    Matthew Javier Wooldridge

    Simon Phillip Wooldridge & Devon Ruth Wooldridge
    Temperance Rose Wooldridge
    Grace Philippa Wooldridge
    Prudence Lana Wooldridge
    Honor Josephine Wooldridge
    Hope Katherine Wooldridge
    Clemency Julia Wooldridge
    Noble Alexander Wooldridge

    Generation #4: Roll the dice again to see if that grandchild marries. Even # means they marry, odd # means they do not.
    Then, roll the dice again to determine how many of your grandchildren reproduce. Even # means they reproduce, odd # means they do not reproduce. Roll the dice for how many children they have.
    Roll the dice for each child in Generation #4 for the genders. Even #=girl, odd #=boy
    Names are your choice
    Emily Rose Green & Richard Jake Green
    Samantha Marisa Green
    Jacob Grayson Green

    Louis John Wooldridge & Tamara Cruz Wooldridge
    Margaret Louise Wooldridge
    Lawrence Clement Wooldridge
    Florence Virginia Wooldridge

    Caleb Vincent Wooldridge & Alice Eleanor Wooldridge
    Paul Vincent Wooldridge

    Holly Arielle Mitchell & Lennon Mitchell
    Liam Jasper Mitchell
    Jude Gavin Mitchell
    Damon Luke Mitchell
    Knox Grayer Mitchell
    Blake Scarlett Mitchell
    Milo Sawyer Mitchell

    Helena Pearl Smith & Chandler Eli Smith
    Arabella Grace Smith
    Audrey Harper Smith
    Antonia Avery Smith

    William Parker Miller & Rosalie Sarah Miller
    Roman Jack Miller
    Violet Belle Miller
    Isla Clarissa Miller
    Piper Lucille Miller
    Liam Ruffus Miller

    Blaire Ophelia Reed & Trevor Brooks Reed
    Hayden Tate Reed
    Jackson Brooks Reed

    Sienna Jane Collins & Zion Keeton Collins
    Carlie Arizona Collins
    Hudson James Collins
    Beckett Samuel Collins
    Decker Montgomery Collins

    Zara Batrice Ross & Magnus Luca Ross
    Vivian Rain Ross
    Dexter Luca Ross
    Charles Kalvin Ross
    Levi Sebastian Ross
    Erin Melody Ross

    Lucas Robert Wooldridge & Allison Molly Wooldridge
    Ezra Andrew Wooldridge
    Luna Meredith Wooldridge
    Alaric Frank Wooldridge

    Taylor Anderson Wooldridge & Eveline Eshter Wooldridge
    Jillian Taylor Wooldridge
    Cameron Riley Wooldridge
    Spencer Anniston Wooldridge

    Nathaniel Elijah Wooldridge & Katherine Mila Wooldridge
    Mette Caroline Wooldridge

    Eliza Spencer Ree Stevens & Preston Gabriel Stevens
    Portia Gisele Stevens
    Phillipa Grace Stevens

    Henry Daniel Wooldridge & Rachel Marie Wooldridge
    Theodore Max Wooldridge

    Matthew Javier Wooldridge & Lottie Alexis Wooldridge
    Chace Corbett Wooldridge
    Chrlotte Bridgett Wooldridge
    Claire Yvett Wooldridge

    Temperance Rose Temple & Tyler Ralph Temple
    Tiffany Rose Temple
    Thomas Ralph Temple

    Grace Philippa Banks & Flynn Patrick Banks
    Noah Finn Banks
    Kerr Minnie Banks
    Seth Oliver Banks

    Prudence Lana Jacobs & Benjamin Reed Jacobs
    Barbara Lauren Jacobs
    Nina Anastasia Jacobs
    Angela Julie Jacobs

    Honor Josephine Welch & Mark Nathaniel Welch
    Adam George Welch
    Simon Scott Welch
    Hope Martha Welch

    Hope Katherine Lowe & Michael Edgar Lowe
    Britney Chiara Lowe
    Archer Michael Lowe
    Geneva Carolie Lowe

    Clemency Julia Rhoda & Edward Jude Rhoda
    Shalom Birdie Rhoda
    Boheme Goldie Rhoda
    Freedom Nahla Rhoda
    Autumn Effie Rhoda
    Maxime Lux Rhoda

    Noble Alexander Wooldridge & Rebecca Jade Wooldridge
    Persis Haven Wooldridge
    Peaches Kathleen Wooldridge
    Girls: Neva, Hope, Katherine, Harlow, Vivienne, Florence, Grace, Nalha, Primrose, Arabella, Isla.

    Boys: Nicholas, Luke, Stephen, Leon, John, William, Henry, Victor, Fredrich, Rainer, Simon, Felix.

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    Generation #1: Elena Scarlett and Julian Elliott Gray

    Generation #2:

    Rose Elena
    Juliet Cora
    Maxwell Julian
    Archer Theo

    Generation #3:

    Rose marries Benjamin Emmett Hughes
    DD: Coralie Jane

    Juliet marries Rhys Daniel Emerson
    DD: Annabeth Joy
    DD: Caroline Hope
    DD: Josephine Faith

    Maxwell never marries, but has long-term girlfriend named Melody Aria Lennon.
    DD: Marina Blair
    DS: Lennon Gabriel
    DD: Violet Skye
    DD: Delilah June
    DD: Lola Mae

    Archer never marries, but stays in a relationship with long-time girlfriend Jessamine Rose Davis.
    DS: Davis Nathaniel
    DD: Elle Jessamine

    Generation #4:

    Coralie marries Quentin Henry Harrison, but they never have any kids.

    Annabeth marries Theodore James Lowry, and also never has kids.

    Caroline marries Jackson Elliott Hunt.
    DS: Elliott Ronan
    DD: Gemma Rain
    DD: Gwendolyn Belle
    DS: Emerson Bennett

    Josephine never marries, but stays in a long-term relationship with her boyfriend Lucas Walter Winthrop.

    Marina never marries, but has a long-term boyfriend Bryce Adam Carter.
    DD: Nerissa Pearl
    DD: Jewel Seraphina
    DS: Rowan Maxwell

    Lennon marries Clarissa Mae Thompson but never has kids.

    Violet marries Elias Griffin Shepherd.
    DS: Griffin Elias
    DS: Lennon Oliver
    DS: Archer Grayson

    Delilah never marries, but has a relationship with boyfriend Xavier Thomas Powers.
    DS: Ryder Thomas
    DS: Dash Xavier
    DD: Evangeline Delilah
    DS: Xander Kai
    DS: River Lennon

    Lola never marries and has kids, but has a long-term relationship with Nolan Spencer Samson.

    Davis never marries and has kids, but has a girlfriend named Dahlia Claire Hummel.

    Elle never marries her boyfriend Porter Zachary Damon.
    DD: Carys Delia
    DS: Davis Zachary
    DD: Astoria Winterose
    DD: Calla Clementine
    DS: Gray Logan
    DS: Anderson Mitchell
    Boys: Maxwell, Bennett, Oliver, Elliott and Archer.

    Girls: Rose, Juliet, Aria, Cora and Scarlett

    Sorry for any random spellings. I'm probably on my nook!

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