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    Generation #1: Jillian Elizabeth & Jeremy Malcolm Danvers

    Generation #2: 5 children
    1. Boy; Holden Seth Danvers
    2. Boy; Quinton Gabriel Danvers
    3. Girl; Phoebe Rose Danvers
    4. Girl; Celia Juliet Danvers
    5. Boy; Declan Reid Danvers

    Generation #3
    Holden Seth Danvers has a child by his ex-girlfriend, Cora Tabitha Adams
    Number of children: 1
    1. Boy; Adrian Jeremy Danvers

    Quinton Gabriel Danvers marries Anastasia Dominique (nee Moscovitz)
    Number of children: 5
    1. Boy; Julian Theodore Danvers
    2. Girl; Edeline Danielle Danvers
    3. Girl; Blair Odette Danvers
    4. Girl; Fallon Giselle Danvers
    5. Boy; Luke Jonathan Danvers

    Phoebe Rose Danvers has a civil union with her boyfriend, Noah Reese Albright
    Number of children: 3
    1. Girl; Tamsin Lydia Danvers-Albright
    2. Boy; Caspian Rex Danvers-Albright
    3. Boy; Finlay Euan Danvers-Albright

    Celia Juliet Danvers
    never marries
    no children

    Declan Reid Danvers marries Cheyenne Eleanor (nee Montgomery) Danvers
    Number of children: 2
    1. Boy; Draven Wolf Danvers
    2. Girl; Tempest Anika Danvers

    Generation #4
    Adrian Jeremy Danvers marries Lindsey Justine (nee Williams)
    no children

    Julian Theodore Danvers marries Holly Nicole (nee Anderson)
    Number of children: 4
    1. Boy; Silas Cullen Danvers
    2. Girl; Cosette Guinevere Danvers
    3. Boy; Heathcliff Archer Danvers
    4. Girl; Briony Aurora Danvers

    Edeline Danielle (nee Danvers) marries Philip Henry Watson
    Number of children: 4
    1. Boy; Grey Fitzwilliam Watson
    2. Girl; Nerissa Melody Watson
    3. Girl; Azalea Diana Watson
    4. Girl; Waverly June Watson

    Blair Odette Danvers
    never marries
    no children

    Fallon Giselle (nee Danvers) marries Patrick Gilbert Harris III
    Number of children: 2
    1. Girl; Ivy Alice Harris
    2. Boy; Patrick Gilbert Harris IV

    Luke Jonathan Danvers marries Zoe Renee (nee Hathaway)
    no children

    Tamsin Lydia Danvers-Albright never marries; has three children by her boyfriend, Vance Bryan Quincy, who died of cancer, plus adopts her best friend, Viviene Isles, three children after her friend dies along with her husband in a car accident.
    Number of children: 6
    1. Boy; Jesse Roman Danvers-Albright
    2. Boy; Austin Cash Danvers-Albright
    3. Girl; Gianna Josephine Danvers-Albright
    4. Girl; Sadie Harper Isles
    5. Boy; Liam Flynn Isles
    6. Boy; Kieran Aiden Isles

    Caspian Rex Danvers-Albright
    never marries
    no children

    Finlay Euan Danvers-Albright marries Katniss Nora (nee Everett)
    Number of children: 4
    1. Girl; Rory Primrose Danvers-Albright
    2. Girl; Rue Hazelle Danvers-Albright
    3. Girl; Glimmer Clove Danvers-Albright
    4. Boy; Gale Thresh Danvers-Albright

    Draven Wolf Danvers has a civil union with his partner, Edward James Harrison
    Number of children: 1
    1. Girl; Moira Rosalie Danvers-Harrison

    Tempest Anika Danvers, never marries her boyfriend, Isiah Sean Franklin
    Number of children: 3
    1. Girl; Penelope Quinn Franklin
    2. Girl; Teagan Lean Franklin
    3. Girl; Emery Vivienne Franklin

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    Generation #1: Patrick and Kaylee

    Generation #2:
    1. Payton Sophia
    2. Wesley Patrick
    3. Ella Corrine
    4. Jacob Matthew

    Generation #3:
    1. Ella's: Mason Theodore & Emmett Ryan
    2. Jacob's: Julianne Rose, Ava Cate, Easton Cole

    Generation #4:
    Mason's: Zoey Taylor

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    Generation #1: Jillian Elizabeth & Jeremy Malcolm Danvers

    Generation #2: 2 children
    1. Boy; Hunter Gabriel Danvers
    2. Girl; Clarissa Lily Danvers

    Generation #3
    Hunter Gabriel Danvers, is left by his wife, Jessica Anne Payne, for another man
    Number of children: 6
    1. Boy; Waylon Colt Danvers
    2. Boy; Bentley Mason Danvers
    3. Boy; Sawyer Jameson Danvers
    4. Boy; Rhys Easton Danvers
    5. Girl; Juno Aria Danvers
    6. Girl; Rumer Isadora Danvers

    Clarissa Lily Danvers, is widowed by the death of her husband, Cooper Adam Grant
    Number of children: 2
    1. Girl; Astrid Eleanore Danvers
    2. Girl; Irene Victoria Danvers

    Generation #4
    Waylon Colt Danvers marries Rachel Megan (nee Erickson)
    Number of children: 2
    1. Girl; Venus Aura Danvers
    2. Girl; Iris Rhiannon Danvers

    Bentley Mason Danvers
    never marries
    no children

    Sawyer Jameson Danvers marries Lulu Amy (nee Moritz)
    no children

    Rhys Easton Danvers has a civil union with his partner, Ursula Aphrodite Waters
    Number of children: 4
    1. Boy; Gavin Caleb Danvers
    2. Boy; Trenton Liam Danvers
    3. Boy; Ransom Owen Danvers
    4. Boy; Sebastian Jude Danvers

    Juno Aria Danvers & her partner, Casey Alexandria Speck
    Number of children: 5
    1. Girl; Tabitha Naomi Speck-Danvers
    2. Girl; Delilah Eve Speck-Danvers
    3. Girl; Susannah Abigail Speck-Danvers
    4. Girl; Hannah Ester Speck-Danvers
    5. Boy; Urban Atticus Speck-Danvers

    Rumer Isadora (nee Danvers) marries John Benjamin Cartwright
    no children

    Astrid Eleanore Danvers has a domestic partnership with her boyfriend, Dalton Matthew Showalter
    Number of children: 3
    1. Boy; Byron Abraham Showalter
    2. Boy; Leland Solomon Showalter
    3. Girl; Prudence Mabel Showalter

    Irene Victoria Danvers
    never marries
    no children

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    Generation #1:
    Jessica Rose and Nathan Frederick Lacey

    Generation #2 – Five children
    Stella Melody Claire Lacey (marry)
    Alexander Owen Lacey (marry)
    Maura Ava Lacey (single)
    Elodie Paige Lacey (marry)
    Curran Adam Lacey (single)

    Generation #3
    Stella Melody Claire and Noah James Barker
    (3 children)
    Girl; Clementine Ophelia Barker
    Boy; Braxton Taylor Barker
    Girl; Valentina Pearl Barker

    Alexander Owen and Hannah Faith (Roberts) Lacey
    (4 children)
    Boy; Seamus Nathan Lacey
    Boy; Eamon Cole Lacey
    Boy; Finnigan Mitchell Lacey
    Boy; Declan Morgan Lacey

    Maura Ava Lacey (Never marries, no children)

    Elodie Paige and Bentley Cole Harrison
    (2 children)
    Boy; Carter Jeremiah Harrison
    Girl; Natalie Rose Harrison

    Curran Adam and Olivia Nichole (Isaacs) Lacey
    (1 child):
    Boy; Jesse Spencer Lacey

    Generation #4
    Clementine Ophelia (Barker) and Gavin Eric Ross
    (6 Children)
    Boy; Noah Antonio Ross
    Boy; Jameson Oscar Ross
    Boy; Braxton Dante Ross
    Boy; Ivan Christopher Ross
    Boy; Maddox Damien Ross
    Girl; Evangelina Claire Ross

    Braxton Taylor and Naomi Madeline (Hurley) Barker
    (No children)

    Valentina Pearl Barker (Never marries)
    (2 children)
    Boy; Vincent Pierre Barker
    Girl; Valerie Penelope Barker

    Seamus Nathan Lacey (Never marries, no children)

    Eamon Cole Lacey (Never marries)
    (5 children)
    Boy; Patrick William Lacey
    Boy; Adam Cameron
    Boy; Ethan Sean Lacey
    Girl; Dillon Reece Lacey
    Boy; Ryan Shane

    Finnigan Mitchell Lacey (Never marries)
    (1 child)
    Boy; Conor Daniel Lacey

    Declan Morgan Lacey (Never marries)
    (5 children)
    Girl; Lauren Jennifer Lacey
    Girl; Aislinn Jade Lacey
    Girl; Claire Jessica Lacey
    Girl; Flanna Jane Lacey
    Girl; Eva Josephine Lacey

    Carter Jeremiah and Arabella Sophia (Blake) Harrison
    (3 children)
    Girl; Marigold Sophia
    Girl; Luna Paige
    Girl; Elodie Arabella

    Natalie Rose (Harrison) and Aiden William Armstrong
    (No children)

    Jesse Spencer Lacey (Never marries, no children)

    Parents: Jessica and Nathan

    Children: Stella, Alexander, Maura, Elodie, and Curran

    Grandchildren: (Stella's: ) Clementine, Braxton, Valentina, (Alexander's: ) Seamus, Eamon, Finnigan, Declan, (Elodie's: )Carter, Natalie, (Curran's: ) Jesse

    Great-Grandchildren: (Clementine's: ) Noah, Jameson, Braxton, Ivan, Maddox, Evangelina, (Valentina's: ) Vincent, Valerie, (Eamon's: )Patrick, Adam, Ethan, Dillon, Ryan, (Finnigan's: ) Conor, (Declan's: ) Lauren, Aislinn, Claire, Flanna, Eva, (Carter's: ) Marigold, Luna, and Elodie

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    Generation #1:
    Amelia Hope Mercer and Michael Daniel Mercer

    Generation #2:
    Boy: Logan Michael
    Boy: Kyle Daniel
    Boy: William Clayton "Will"
    Boy: Asher David
    Girl: Savannah Kristyna

    Generation #3:
    Logan & Elaina Victoria Mercer
    Girl: Paisley Olivia
    Girl: Presley Schuyler

    Kyle & Reagan Lola Mercer
    Boy: Noah Emmett
    Boy: Parker Blake
    Boy: James Gus
    Boy: Holden Tyler
    Boy: Max Ethan
    Boy: Justin Vincent
    (James & Holden are identical twins)

    Will & Chelsea Blaire Mercer
    Boy: Koen Miles
    Boy: Keegan Ryder
    Boy: Kellan Zachary
    Girl: Kynlie Isabel
    Girl: Kahnlie Sydney

    Asher & Jasmine Riley Mercer
    Girl: Miranda Riley
    Boy: Alexander Quinten "Alec"
    Boy: Isaiah Madden
    Boy: Jonah Wyatt

    Brady Dalton & Savannah (Mercer) Anderson
    Girl: Teagyn Chloe
    Girl: Tessa Claire
    Boy: Colton Brady

    Generation #4
    Paisley & Xavier Blake (Mercer) Henderson
    Girl: Brooklyn Heaven "Brooke"
    Girl: Bailee Harlow
    Boy: Blake Hudson
    Girl: Brytton Holland

    Presley & Jason Brody (Mercer) Watson
    Boy: Liam Elijah
    Girl: Ella Vivian
    Boy: Luke Brandon
    Girl: Emmy Sophia
    Boy: Levi Matthew

    Noah & Ashley Johanna Mercer
    Boy: Jackson Adam
    Girl: Aria Harper
    Girl: Gianna Serenity

    Parker & Jocelyn Faith Mercer
    Girl: Scarlett Allison "Carley"
    Boy: Gabriel Ryan "Gabe"
    Girl: Destiny Willow "Essie"

    James & Hayley Mariah Mercer
    Boy: Carter Evan

    Holden & Melanie Karol Mercer
    Girl: Aubrey Taylor
    Boy: Isaac Jayden
    Girl: Lucy Genesis
    (Isaac & Lucy are twins)

    Max & Lilly Anne Mercer
    Boy: Cooper Nathan
    Girl: Layla Anna
    Boy: Gavin Carsten
    Girl: Alexa Blaire
    Boy: Austin Josiah

    Justin & Emily Farrah Mercer
    Boy: Ian Jose
    Girl: Lauren Olivia
    Boy: Connor Juan

    Koen & Cara Laurel Mercer
    Girl: Leah Trynitie
    Girl: Ava Natalie
    Girl: Chloe Nevaeh
    Girl: Isla Kourtnee
    Boy: Bentley Greyson
    Boy: Jackson Cole

    Keegan & Lyndie Zahara Mercer
    Boy: Niall Madden
    Girl: Kennadi Mia

    Kellan & Adelie Monique Mercer
    Girl: Bridget Kylie
    Girl: Alyssa Kaytlen
    Boy: Aiden Gunner

    Kynlie & Kevin John Saunders
    Girl: Katie Pippa
    Boy: Kaden Royce
    Girl: Kassidy Paige
    Boy: Kolby River

    Kahnlie & Ezra Jasper Schwartz
    Boy: Gage Damien
    Girl: Hallie Delaney
    Girl: Ivy Delia
    Boy: Joel Steven

    Miranda & Dawson Porter Jr. McLaughlin
    Boy: Dawson Porter III "Trey"
    Boy: Drew Cody
    Boy: Dylan Trevor

    Alec & Lorelei Felicity Mercer
    Girl: Summer Paris
    Girl: Karissa Jaylen
    Girl: Lyndsie Brooke

    Isaiah & Madeline Skye Mercer
    Girl: Macie Rose
    Boy: Declan Bennett

    Jonah & Naomi Krystal Mercer
    Girl: Tiffany Selena
    Girl: Chasity Kelly

    Teagyn & Brandon Scott Copeland
    Girl: Avery Greer
    Girl: Ella Sadie
    Girl: Cara Harper
    Boy: Murray Kase
    (Avery & Ella are twins)

    Tessa & Ty Logan Bullock
    Girl: Laetyn Hattie
    Girl: Londyn Meredith

    Colton & Jaclyn Brenna Mercer
    Boy: Brenden Jacob
    Boy: Holden Vaughn
    Boy: Griffin Tanner
    Girl: Brittany Mikaela
    Girl: Tatum Audrie "Tate"
    Girl: Paris Katherine

    Amelia, Michael and their children Logan, Kyle, Will, Asher, and Savannah

    Their grandkids: Paisley, Presley, Noah, Parker, James, Holden, Max, Justin, Koen, Keegan, Kellan, Kynlie, Kahnlie, Miranda, Alec, Isaiah, Jonah, Teagyn, Tessa, & Colton (20 Grandkids)

    Their great-grandkids: Brooke, Bailee, Blake, Brytton, Liam, Ella, Luke, Emy, Levi, Jackson, Aria, Gianna, Carley, Gabe, Essie, Carter, Aubrey, Isaac, Lucy, Cooper, Layla, Gavin, Alexa, Austin, Ian, Lauren, Connor, Leah, Ava, Chloe, Isla, Bentley, Jackson, Niall, Kennadi, Bridget, Alyssa, Aiden, Katie, Kaden, Kassidy, Kolby, Gage, Hallie, Ivy, Joel, Trey, Drew, Dylan, Summer, Karissa, Lyndsie, Macie, Declan, Tiffany, Chasity, Avery, Ella, Cara, Murray, Laetyn, Londyn, Brendan, Holden, Griffin, Brittany, Tate (g), & Paris
    (68 Great-grandkids)

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