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    Generation #1: Beth and Niall Horan

    Generation #2: 5
    Then roll the dice for the gender of each child: even #=girl, odd #=boy
    1. Charlotte Kate
    2. Spencer James
    3. Lorraine Danielle
    4. Landon Peter
    5. Tatum Isabel

    Generation #3: Roll the dice to determine how many of your children marry. Even # means they marry, odd # means they remain single
    Then, roll the dice again to determine how many of them reproduce. Even # means they reproduce, odd # means they do not reproduce. Roll the dice for how many children they have.
    Roll the dice for each child in Generation #3 for the genders. Even #=girl, odd #=boy
    Names are your choice
    1. Charlotte- marries, 2 kids
    -Victoria Leigh
    -Piper Grace
    2. Spencer- marries, 2 kids
    -Colton James
    -Sasha Brooke
    3. Lorraine- marries, 1 kid
    -Elena Rose
    4. Landon- marries, 1 kid
    -Brie Katherine
    5. Tatum- marries, 3 kids
    -Ivy Rebecca
    -Callum Reed
    -Gray Richard
    Generation #4: Roll the dice again to see if that grandchild marries. Even # means they marry, odd # means they do not.
    Then, roll the dice again to determine how many of your grandchildren reproduce. Even # means they reproduce, odd # means they do not reproduce. Roll the dice for how many children they have.
    Roll the dice for each child in Generation #4 for the genders. Even #=girl, odd #=boy
    Names are your choice
    1. Victoria- marries, 1 kid
    -David Andrew
    2. Piper- marries, 2 kids
    -Holden Elijah
    -Owen Patrick
    3. Colton- marries, 4 kids
    -Rhys Daniel
    -Everett Samuel
    -Brigit Julianne
    -Levi Edward
    4. Sasha- marries, 4 kids
    -Ian Benjamin
    -Noelle Samantha
    -Jackson Oliver
    -Caleb Vincent
    5. Elena- marries, 1 kid
    -Schuyler Cate
    6. Brie- marries, 1 kid
    -Kristian Thomas
    7. Ivy- marries, 3 kids
    -Emerson Hannah
    -Blake Alexander
    -Logan Joshua
    8. Callum- marries, 2 kids
    -Kiran Delaney
    -Allison Reese
    9. Gray- marries, 1 kid
    -Wyatt Brandon

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    Generation 1:

    Me: Dorothy Deschanel.

    Husband: Branton Deschanel.

    Generation 2:

    1. Myles Derrick Deschanel.

    2. James Taylor Deschanel.

    3. Kerr Maxwell Deschanel.

    4. Percy Michael Deschanel.

    5. Kendall Marie Hornsby.

    6. Cosette Elizabeth McCormack.

    Generation 3:

    1. Kristen Deschanel.
    - Austin Deschanel.
    - Jetta Jones.

    2. Gloria Deschanel.
    - Darian Deschanel.
    - Elliott Deschanel.

    3. Cecile Deschanel.
    - Lucien Deschanel.

    4. Lillian Deschanel.
    - Tyler Deschanel.

    5. Chase Hornsby.
    - Darcy Hornsby.
    - Caleb Hornsby.
    - Cole Hornsby.

    6. Braxton McCormack.
    - Matthew McCormack.
    - Zelah Shepherd.
    - Edith Belafonte.

    Generation 4:

    1. Mila Deschanel.
    - Kara Milano.
    - Owen Deschanel.

    2. Sam Jones.
    - Holly Del Toro.

    3. Samantha Deschanel.
    - Deborah Homme.
    - George Deschanel.
    - Fulton Deschanel.
    - Lark Deschanel.

    4. Bonnie Deschanel.
    - Keon Deschanel.
    - Dexter Deschanel.
    - Dimitri Deschanel.

    5. Juliette Deschanel.
    - Abra Dalle.
    - Darrel Deschanel.
    - Marshall Deschanel.

    6. Charmaine Deschnael.
    - Aileen Federline.
    - Charmagne McDonough.

    7. Sophie Deschanel.
    - Primo Deschanel.

    8. Ione Deschanel.
    - Hemingway Deschanel.

    9. Eileen Deschanel.
    - Walter Deschanel.

    10. Viviana Deschanel.
    - Jake Deschanel.

    11. Wyatt Shepherd.
    - Hayley Alba.

    12. Landon Belafonte.
    - Irene Warren.
    - Adeline Fey.

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    1st Gen = Red
    2nd Gen = Blue
    3rd Gen = Green
    4th Gen = Violet

    DH: Dylan O'Brien
    DW: Jessica Holly O'Brien nee Winters

    -- DS: Reuben Sebastian O'Brien
    DW: Hailey Renata O'Brien
    --- DD: Isla Megan O'Brien
    --- DS: Oliver Jacob O'Brien

    -- DD: Lydia Holland McCall nee O'Brien
    DH: James Nicholas McCall
    --- DD: Lyra Selena Connor nee McCall
    DH: Aidan Michael Connor
    ---- DS: Griffin Maddox Connor
    ---- DS: Leon Felix Connor
    ---- DS: Ari Zephyr Connor
    --- DS: Liam Castor McCall
    --- DD: Lola Ariadne Moore nee McCall
    DH: Nathaniel Ross Moore
    ---- DD: Astrid Sophia Moore (twin to Selena)
    ---- DD: Selena Faith Moore (twin to Astrid)
    ---- DS: Timothy Rhys Moore (twin to Theo)
    ---- DS: Theo Dominic Moore (twin to Tim)
    ---- DD: Bryony Matilda Moore
    --- DD: Leah Ceres Nelson nee McCall
    DH: David Carter Nelson
    ---- DD: Stephanie Eden Nelson
    ---- DS: Morgan Percy Nelson
    ---- DS: Daniel Adam Nelson
    --- DD: Lucy Flora King nee McCall
    DH: Aaron Lucas King
    ---- DD: Genesis Lily King

    -- DS: Damian Joshua O'Brien
    DW: Anya Molly O'Brien
    --- DS: Elias Rory O'Brien
    DW: Lara Madeline O'Brien
    ---- DS: Jasper Niall O'Brien
    ---- DS: Marcus Arthur O'Brien
    ---- DS: Toby Owen O'Brien
    ---- DS: David Wyatt O'Brien
    ---- DS: Zachary Vaughan O'Brien
    Vote for your favourites!!

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    Generation 1: Mary Amy & Brandon James Morris

    Generation 2: Mary & Brandon with:
    DD:Penelope Rose
    DD:Aria Leigh
    DD:Hailey Blake
    DD:Lilliana Amy

    Generation 3:
    Penelope Rose & Joshua Nicholas Ryans with:
    DD: Felicity Hope
    DS: Samuel Nicholas
    DD: Kara Michelle
    DS: David Brandon
    DS: Alexander Connor
    DD: Juliet Bailey

    Aria never marries, she is a full time surgeon and has 3 dogs.

    Hailey Blake & Derek Evan Reed: No kids

    Lilliana Amy & Joel James Bell with:
    DD: Isabelle Amy
    DS: Kenneth Joel
    DS: Garrett James
    DS: Oliver Ryan
    DS: Austin Bryce
    DD: Nicole Reese

    Generation 4:

    Felicity Hope & Kelvin Timothy Ward: No children.

    Samuel Nicholas: Never marries, has a series of girlfriends but never settles down and has kids.

    Kara Michelle: Never marries, lives with her 6 cats.

    David Brandon: Never Marries, lives with boyfriend and both are doctors.

    Alexander Connor: Never marries, becomes a scientist.

    Juliet Bailey & Mason Kieth Hayes: Have no kids, both dedicated to their philanthropy.

    Isabelle Amy: Never marries, owns a franchise of shoe stores

    Kenneth Joel & Jennifer Rose Bell: No kids -- Just didn't want any

    Garrett James: Never marries and lives with his mother forever

    Oliver Ryan & Alexandra Evelyn Bell with:
    DD: Willow Alexandra
    DD: Quinn Evenlyn

    Austin Bryce & Caroline Olivia Bell with:
    DS: Bryce Callum
    DS: Isaac Seth

    Nicole Reese: Never Marries, is a successful bakery shop owner.

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    Generation #1: Jillian Elizabeth & Jeremy Malcolm Danvers

    Generation #2: 5 children
    1. Girl; Phoebe Rose Danvers
    2. Boy; Holden Seth Danvers
    3. Girl; Celia Juliet Danvers
    4. Girl; Violet Evangeline Danvers
    5. Girl; Ruby Amelia Danvers

    Generation #3
    Phoebe Rose Danvers has a civil union with her boyfriend, James Matthew Stillwell
    Number of children: 2
    1. Boy; Aiden George Danvers-Stillwell
    2. Boy; Oliver Sebastian Danvers-Stillwell

    Holden Seth Danvers never legally marries, but has his children by two different women. Holden's first child he had while in his junior year of college. The mother, Alicia, didn't stick around for very long. His other children he had by his girlfriend, Claudia Marie Hendrix.
    Number of children: 4
    1. Girl; Lucy Mabel Danvers
    2. Girl; Gemma Ava Danvers
    3. Girl; Fiona Brooke Danvers
    4. Girl; Maya Miranda Danvers

    Celia Juliet (nee Danvers) marries Charlie Maxwell Beckett.
    Number of children: 4
    1. Boy; Emmett Duncan Beckett
    2. Girl; Zoe Willa Beckett
    3. Girl; Sasha Gabrielle Beckett
    4. Boy; Levi Hudson Beckett

    Violet Evangeline Danvers & her partner, Stephanie Elena Granger
    Number of children: 1
    1. Boy; Leo Julian Danvers

    Ruby Amelia Danvers
    never marries
    no children

    Generation #4
    Aiden George Danvers-Stillwell marries Paige Clara (nee Donovan) Danvers-Stillwell
    Number of children: 5
    1. Girl; Grace Susannah Danvers-Stillwell
    2. Boy; Sawyer Isiah Danvers-Stillwell
    3. Girl; Daisy Charlotte Danvers-Stillwell
    4. Girl; Addison Madeleine Danvers-Stillwell
    5. Boy; Hunter Anderson Danvers-Stillwell

    Oliver Sebastian Danvers-Stillwell & his partner, Tyler Paul Truman
    Number of children: 3
    1. Girl; Felicity Anna Truman
    2. Boy; Hayden Calvin Truman
    3. Boy; Christian Cole Truman

    Lucy Mabel Danvers
    never marries
    no children

    Gemma Ava (nee Danvers) marries Hugh Gregory Lowell
    Number of children: 1
    1. Girl; Chloe Eleanor Lowell

    Fiona Brooke (nee Danvers) marries William Johnathon Ford
    no children

    Maya Miranda (nee Danvers) marries Nolan Henry Stabler
    Number of children: 4
    1. Girl; Luna Eloise Stabler
    2. Boy; Emerson Gideon Stabler
    3. Girl; Teagan Vivienne Stabler
    4. Girl; Presley Alice Stabler

    Emmett Duncan Beckett never marries his girlfriend, Sara Harper Winston
    Number of children: 1
    1. Girl; Bristol Cora Beckett

    Zoe Willa (nee Beckett) marries Jesse Simon Wallace
    no children

    Sasha Gabrielle (nee Beckett) marries Gage Richard Bathory
    no children

    Levi Hudson Beckett marries Madison Rae (nee Darling) Beckett
    no children

    Leo Julian Danvers marries Lila Emily (nee Rosen) Danvers
    Number of children: 5
    1. Girl; Penelope Quinn Danvers
    2. Boy; Braylen Jasper Danvers
    3. Girl; Daphne Hazel Danvers
    4. Boy; Damon Finn Danvers
    5. Girl; Angelique London Danvers

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