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    Generation #1: Clary Elinor & John Colin Tomsic

    Generation #2:
    John Colin & Clary Tomsic
    DD: Josephine Annabelle Tomsic
    DS: Sebastian Kylar Tomsic
    DS: George Colin Tomsic
    DS: Christopher James Tomsic

    Generation #3:
    Greyson Andrew Black & Josephine Annabelle Black (nee Tomsic)
    DS: Christian Thomas Black

    Sebastian Kylar Tomsic & Hannah Louise Tomsic (nee Hollingsworth)
    DD: Elinor Marie Tomsic
    DS: Joel Sebastian Tomsic
    DS: Noah James Tomsic
    DS: Gideon Christopher Tomsic
    DD: Holly Madeline Tomsic

    George Colin Tomsic & April Kiara Tomsic (nee Williams)
    DD: Gillian Ivy Tomsic

    Christopher James Tomsic
    Not married, because he doesn't want to be. He has a girlfriend, Caitlin Isabel Rafferty, and they have 3 kids.
    DS: Beau Tomsic-Rafferty
    DS: Fletcher Tomsic-Rafferty
    DS: Ryan Tomsic-Rafferty

    Generation #4
    Christian Thomas Black
    Does not marry, but does have a child in high school (the mother is out of the picture).
    DD: Mary Adelaide Black

    Elinor Marie Tomsic
    Does not marry, because she doesn't want a husband, but does become a foster mother and eventually adopts all of her foster children.
    DS: Kingston Jaymes Epler
    DS: Mychael Austin Epler
    DD: Elly Rose McGinty
    DD: Sienna Jade McGinty
    DS: Jaxson Patrick McGinty

    Joel Sebastian Tomsic
    Does not marry, but has four children with different girlfriends (Kiersten Marie Andersen, Casey Anne LaBarbara, Viktoria Denise Shelby, & Emily Susannah Quinn).
    DD: Kaylie Margaret Tomsic
    DD: Breanna Grace LaBarbara
    DS: Isaiah Jackson Tomsic
    DD: Charlotte Noelle Quinn

    Noah James Tomsic
    Does not marry legally, but lives with his girlfriend Devon Alexis Mulrooney and their child.
    DS: Gavin James Tomsic-Mulrooney

    Gideon Christopher Tomsic
    Does not marry and does not have any children.

    Holly Madeline Tomsic
    Does not marry, but lives in Ireland with her boyfriend, Declan Hamish O'Hara, and their child.
    DS: Liam Fabian O'Hara

    Jason Manuel Hernandez & Gillian Ivy Hernandez (nee Tomsic)
    No kids.

    Beau Tomsic-Rafferty & Alice Gabrielle Tomsic-Rafferty (nee Delacroix)
    DD: Marie Rose Tomsic-Rafferty
    DD: Anne Elise Tomsic-Rafferty

    Fletcher Tomsic-Rafferty
    Does not marry, but has had two kids with a past girlfriend.
    DS: Evan Michael Tomsic-Rafferty
    DS: Allan James Tomsic-Rafferty

    Ryan Tomsic-Rafferty & Kaylin Michelle Tomsic-Rafferty (nee Briar)
    DD: Briar Michelle Tomsic-Rafferty
    DS: Nolan Matthew Tomsic-Rafferty
    DS: Owen Michael Tomsic-Rafferty
    DD: Chloe Anne Tomsic-Rafferty
    DD: Delilah Marley Tomsic-Rafferty
    -- Lottie --

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    Generation #1: Jillian Elizabeth (nee Benson) and Jeremy Malcolm Danvers

    Generation #2: 5 children
    1. Boy; Hunter Gabriel Danvers
    2. Boy; Wyatt Finn Danvers
    3. Girl; Lily Claire Danvers
    4. Girl; Sophie Clementine Danvers
    5. Girl; Maisie Alice Danvers

    Generation #3
    Hunter Gabriel Danvers has two relationships, and has two children by each woman. The first, Theresa, dies in a car accident. The second, Kelley, leaves him for another man. He has custody of all four of his children.
    Number of children: 4
    1. Girl; Minnie Annabel Danvers
    2. Boy; Jeremy Hunter Danvers
    3. Boy; Hudson Sullivan Danvers
    4. Girl; Iona Stella Danvers

    Wyatt Finn Danvers never marries; has a long-time committed relationship with his girlfriend, Ella Frances Turner.
    Number of children: 3
    1. Girl; Clara Wilhelmina Danvers
    2. Boy; Christian John Danvers
    3. Boy; Clayton David Danvers

    Lily Claire (nee Danvers) and Joshua Franklin Rizzoli
    Number of children: 4
    1. Boy; Emerson Walker Rizzoli
    2. Girl; Joanna Irene Rizzoli
    3. Girl; Anna Caroline Rizzoli
    4. Girl; Schuyler Rachel Rizzoli

    Sophie Clementine Danvers
    never marries; is in a committed lesbian relationship with her partner, Holly Margaret Grant
    Number of children: 5
    1. Girl; Flora Alexandra Grant-Danvers (sperm donor)
    2. Girl; Daphne Vivianna Grant-Danvers (sperm donor)
    3. Boy; Chandler Jameson Grant-Danvers (sperm donor)
    4. Girl; Bristol Cecilia Grant-Danvers (adopted)
    5. Boy; Kellen Lane Grant-Danvers (adopted)

    Maisie Alice (nee Danvers) & Ryan James Ford
    Number of children: 2
    1. Boy; Denver Prince Ford
    2. Girl; Everly Genesis Ford

    Generation #4
    Minnie Annabel Danvers
    never marries
    no children

    Jeremy Hunter & Susannah Hope (nee Manning) Danvers
    no children

    Hudson Sullivan & Nora Leah (nee Cook) Danvers
    no children

    Iona Stella (nee Danvers) & Patrick Thomas Chapman
    Number of children: 3
    1. Boy; Caspian York Chapman
    2. Boy; Santiago Kingston Chapman
    3. Girl; Verona Avalon Chapman

    Clara Wilhelmina Danvers
    never marries; lives with her boyfriend, Everett Michael Black
    no children

    Christian John & Madeline Rose (nee Ellison) Danvers
    Number of children: 3
    1. Girl; Pearl Magnolia Danvers
    2. Girl; Dahlia Rosalind Danvers
    3. Boy; Leo Bay Danvers

    Clayton David Danvers
    never marries; is in a committed gay relationship with his partner William Vance Truman
    Number of children: 5
    1. Boy; Ashton Quincy Danvers-Truman (adopted)
    2. Boy; Elias Adrian Danvers-Truman (adopted)
    3. Boy; Mason Christopher Danvers-Truman (surrogate mother)
    4. Girl; Ruby Summer Danvers-Truman (surrogate mother)
    5. Girl; Coral June Danvers-Truman (surrogate mother)

    Emerson Walker Rizzoli
    never marries
    Number of children: 1
    1. Girl; Storm Valentine Martin-Rizzoli (adopted daughter after friend dies)

    Joanna Irene (nee Rizzoli) & Derek Evan Morgan
    no children

    Anna Caroline Rizzoli
    never marries
    Number of children: 2
    1. Boy; Jericho Jordon Rizzoli (sperm donor)
    2. Girl; Bethany Carmel Rizzoli (sperm donor)

    Schuyler Rachel (nee Rizzoli) & Spencer Adam Cruz
    Number of children: 4
    1. Girl; Sarah Alexis Cruz
    2. Boy; Brandon Matthew Cruz
    3. Girl; Taylor Jillian Cruz
    4. Boy; Cameron Joshua Cruz

    Flora Alexandra (nee Grant-Danvers) & Benjamin Kevin Roberts
    Number of children: 5
    1. Girl; Addison Natalie Roberts
    2. Girl; Bailey Melanie Roberts
    3. Boy; Joel Jacob Roberts
    4. Girl; Reagan Adriana Roberts
    5. Girl; Callie Serena Roberts

    Daphne Vivianna Grant-Danvers
    never marries; has a committed relationship with long-time boyfriend Paul Gilbert Sheffield
    Number of children: 3
    1. Boy; Dylan Oliver Sheffield
    2. Girl; Mia Jessica Sheffield
    3. Girl; Rebecca Brooke Sheffield

    Chandler Jameson Grant-Danvers
    never marries
    no children

    Bristol Cecilia (nee Grant-Danvers) & Gage Henry Michaels
    no children

    Kellen Lane Grant-Danvers
    never marries
    no children

    Denver Prince Ford
    never marries
    Number of children: 3
    1. Boy; Hugh Ryan Ford
    2. Girl; Shannon Victoria Ford
    3. Girl; Kayleigh Abigail Ford

    Everly Genesis Ford
    never marries
    Number of children: 1
    1. Girl; Maya Hannah Ford

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    Generation #1:

    Philippa Madeline Laurie-Andrews “Pippa” & David Perkins Andrews

    Generation #2:

    Girl: Claire Annabel Andrews
    Girl: India Matilda Andrews
    Girl: Sophie Gemma Andrews
    Boy: Lawrence Robert Andrews

    Generation #3:

    Claire & Walker Benson Clinton
    Girl: Honor Iris Clinton

    India & Charles Mark Sharp
    Boy: Andrew Charles Sharp
    Girl: Arabella Ruby Sharp
    Boy: Philip Matthew Sharp

    Sophie & Gavin McCorker-Phelps
    Girl: Georgia Bryony McCorker-Phelps
    Girl: Grace Louise McCorker-Phelps

    Lawrence Andrews & Sylvia Tess (nee Stevens)
    Boy: Steven David Andrews
    Girl: Tessa Laurie Andrews
    Girl: Charlotte Lily Andrews
    Girl: Maud Lavinia Andrews

    Generation #4

    Honor & Ross Callum Blair
    Boy: Parker Clinton Blair

    Andrew Sharp (never married)

    Arabella & Sampson Francis Stone
    Boy: Oscar Benedict Stone
    Girl: Beatrix Zara Stone
    Boy: Tristan Xavier Stone

    Philip Sharp & Eva Noelle (nee Adlington)
    Girl: Adele Mae Sharp
    Girl: Elizabeth Phoebe Sharp

    Georgia & Enzo Aurelio Moretti
    Boy: Orlando Paolo Moretti
    Girl: Sophia Aurelia Moretti
    Girl: Gemma Viviana Moretti

    Grace & Henry Peter Miller
    Girl: Louisa Grace Miller

    Steven Andrews & Penelope Diana (nee Carter)
    Girl: Helena Catherine Andrews
    Boy: Carter Lawrence Andrews
    Boy: David Stevenson Andrews
    Girl: June Diane Andrews

    Tessa & Hugo Michael Borah
    Girl: Clementine Felicity Borah

    Charlotte & Patrick Oliver Graydon (no children)

    Maud & Edward Kiefer Smith
    Boy: Andrew Atticus Smith
    Girl: Cecilia Gabrielle Smith

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    Western Australia
    Taleah Anne and Samuel Thomas King:
    Cooper Thomas
    Eamon James
    Isobel Anne "Bella"
    Sophie Rose
    Miranda Grace "Mia"
    Eloise May "Lulu"

    Cooper and Brittany King:
    Finn Cooper
    Sebastian Thomas "Bastian"

    Eamon and Hannah King;
    Emily Frances "Em"
    Mikayla Claire "Kayla"

    Isobel and Daniel King-McMahn
    Ruby Dream
    Mollie Garnet
    Flora Wren
    Tristan Hill
    Callum Free

    Sophie and Leo Baxter:
    Christopher Leo "Chris"
    Jasmine Sophie "Jas"
    Bronte Rose

    Miranda and George Richards
    Freya Tulip
    Christian George
    William Jasper
    Stewart Alan

    Eloise and Luke Fisher:
    Annabeth Geraldine "Annie"
    Kathryn Jennifer "Katie"
    Samantha Angel "Sam"

    Finn and Aimee King:
    Lewis Finley
    Mae Aimee

    Sebastian and Ella King:
    Jessamine Ella "Jesse"
    Rosalind Juliet "Rosie"
    Christiana Bethany "Chrissie"

    Emily and Ben Harmer:
    Tiarna Emily
    Aiden Benjamin
    Catalina Frances

    Mikayla and Harry Summers:
    Dane Harry
    Alana Mikayla
    Trey James
    Juniper Claire

    Ruby and Thomas Lee:
    Bree-Anna Dream
    Arthur Thomas

    Mollie and Fletcher Young:
    Xander Fletcher
    Jayden Thomas

    Flora and Adam French:
    Anastasia Mabel
    Natalie Wren
    Ingrid Flora

    Tristan and Evie King-McMahn
    Owen Tobias
    Dexter Jacob
    Cadence Eve

    Callum and Dayna King-McMahn
    Audrey Dayna
    Asher Callum

    Christopher and Danni Baxter:
    Josephine Dannielle
    Celeste Rosemary
    Layla May
    Brady Christopher

    Jasmine and David Baxter-Cooper
    Tallulah Sophie
    Isaiah David

    Bronte and Nick Hammond:
    Adelia Rocket
    Lucinda Wisdom

    Freya and Billy Fletcher:
    Jemima Tulip
    Jude William

    Christian and Georgy Richards:
    Matilda Georgia
    Reggie Christian
    Claire Elizabeth

    William and Jazzy Richards:
    Olivia Jasmine
    Orlando William
    Cleo Lily

    Stewart and Bethany Chapman:
    Ellie Bethany May
    Sara Sunshine Lola

    Annabeth and Coby Fisher-Donaldson
    Jarvis Harrison
    Dash Coby
    Oscar Arrow
    Lola Annabeth

    Kathryn and Matt Walsh:
    Luella Blossom
    Jarrad Matthew
    Clementine Lilac

    Samantha and Sebastian Hall
    Jessica Geraldine
    Jorja Jennifer
    Saxon Cooper
    Edie Angel

    Jessamine and Cooper Wood:
    Christian Cooper
    Reece Oliver
    Milla Jessamine

    Rosalind and Connor Peters:
    Ivy Rosalind
    Bailey Connor

    Christiana and Greg Chang:
    Mason Gregory
    Amber Christiana
    Isobel | Eloise | Matilda | Lucia | Alice | Eleanor | Amelia | Felicity | Phoebe | Eilidh | Rosalia | Zoe | Azalea | Genevieve | Tallulah | Everleigh | Rebecca | Leila | Harper | Grace | Zara |
    Eamon | Hayes | Tiago | Cooper | Lawson | Archer | Lincoln | Asher | Alfie | Baxter | Taylor | Flynn | Lewis | Fletcher | Jack | Harley | Brooklyn | Regan | Oscar | Spencer |

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    Generation #1: Jillian Elizabeth (nee Benson) & Jeremy Malcolm Danvers

    Generation #2
    2 children
    1. Girl; Clementine Annabel Danvers
    2. Boy; August Jude Danvers

    Generation #3
    Clementine Annabel (nee Danvers) & Roscoe James Bloom
    Number of children: 6
    1. Girl; Lydia Caroline Bloom
    2. Girl; London Eva Bloom
    3. Girl; Scarlett Alexandra Bloom
    4. Girl; Trinity Katherine Bloom
    5. Boy; Levi Chase Bloom
    6. Boy; Bentley Blake Bloom

    August Jude & Serenity Faith (nee Campbell) Danvers
    no children

    Generation #4
    Lydia Caroline (nee Bloom) & Caleb Jonathon Maddox
    Number of children: 6
    1. Boy; Lucas Isaac Maddox
    2. Girl; Zoe Leah Maddox
    3. Girl; Kaylee Sarah Maddox
    4. Boy; Evan Carter Maddox
    5. Girl; Piper Nicole Maddox
    6. Boy; Hudson Miles Maddox

    London Eva (nee Bloom) & Jason Michael Wallace
    no children

    Scarlett Alexandra Bloom
    never marries
    no children

    Trinity Katherine Bloom
    never marries; in a committed relationship with her boyfriend, Oliver Gilbert Townsend
    no children

    Levi Chase & Natalia Mary (nee Phelps) Bloom
    no children

    Bentley Blake Bloom
    never marries
    no children

    Not big on fertility this time around. :\

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