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    Generation 1:
    Thomas Matthew Campbell and Kate Elizabeth Campbell (nee Kellan)

    Generation 2:
    DD: Stella Marilyn Campbell
    DD: Penelope Rose Campbell
    DD: Vivian Betsy Campbell
    DD: Florence Kellan Campbell
    DS: August Donald Dodge Campbell

    Generation 3:
    Stella Marilyn Campbell
    never marries, no children. Has a lesbian life partner named Clara Emily Collins.

    Penelope Rose Campbell
    never marries, but has a long-term boyfriend Michael David Scott.
    DS: David Thomas Scott
    DS: Kellan Michael Scott
    DS: Ethan Campbell Scott

    Vivian Betsy Campbell
    marries Anthony Matthew Taylor.
    DS: Phoenix Logan Taylor
    DD: Lily-Rose Betsy Taylor
    DD: Star-Anna Lucy Taylor
    DD: Faith-Marie Margaret Taylor

    Florence Kellan Campbell
    marries Dawson James Mulroney, Jr. "DJ".
    DS: Dawson James Mulroney III "Trey"
    DD: Evelyn Maxine Mulroney "Emme"

    August Donald Dodge Campbell
    marries Ella Marie Campbell (nee Jackson).
    DD: Katharine Jean Campbell
    DD: Elizabeth Marie Campbell
    DS: Thomas Jackson Campbell
    DS: James Stephen Campbell
    DS: Benjamin August Campbell
    DS: Michael Matthew Campbell

    Generation 4:
    David Thomas Scott
    marries Olivia Payton Scott (nee Wallace), no children.

    Kellan Michael Scott
    never marries, but has a gay life partner named George Anderson Malloy. No children.

    Ethan Campbell Scott
    never marries, no children.

    Phoenix Logan Taylor
    never marries, but lives with longtime girlfriend Lux Virginia Amador.
    DS: Phoenix Logan Taylor-Amador, Jr.
    DS: Maddox Wilson Taylor-Amador
    DS: Pax Truman Taylor-Amador
    DS: Bronx Edison Taylor-Amador

    Lily-Rose Betsy Taylor
    never marries, no children.

    Star-Anna Lucy Taylor
    marries William Daniel Harding.
    DS: Beau Everett Harding
    DD: Bella Taylor Harding
    DS: Boone William Harding
    DS: Brady Oliver Harding

    Faith-Marie Margaret Taylor
    marries Caden Andrew Foster.
    DS: Harrison Andrew James Foster

    Dawson James Mulroney III "Trey"
    never marries, no children.

    Evelyn Maxine Mulroney "Emme"
    never marries, but adopts a baby girl from China.
    DD: Hope Meilin Mulroney

    Katharine Jean Campbell
    marries Jordan Alexander Cromwell, no children.

    Elizabeth Marie Campbell
    marries Aidan Joseph Parker, no children.

    Thomas Jackson Campbell
    never marries, but has a gay life partner Chord Jamison Johns and has two adopted daughters.
    DD: Billie Grace Johns-Campbell
    DD: Alabama Rose Johns-Campbell

    James Stephen Campbell
    never marries, no children.

    Benjamin August Campbell
    marries Rachel Belinda Campbell (nee Johnson).
    DS: August John Campbell

    Michael Matthew Campbell
    never marries, no children.

    So, Tom and Kate with children Stella, Polly, Viva, Wren, and Gus...

    Grandchildren Dave, Kellan, Ethan, Phoenix, Lily-Rose, Star-Anna, Faith-Marie, Trey, Emme, Katie, Beth, Tommy, Jim, Benji, and Mike...

    and Great-grandchildren Phoenix Jr., Maddox, Pax, Bronx, Beau, Bella, Boone, Brady, Harry, Hope, Billie, Alabama, and Auggie.
    baby BOY arriving november 2015

    currently considering:
    Martin, Shepherd, Edmond, Teagan, Winston, Absalom
    a girl would have been named:
    Beatrix Judith

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    Generation 1

    Orion Nathaniel & Penelope Lilliana Black

    Generation 2

    Leonidas Percival Black *Leo*

    Generation 3

    DH: Leonidas Percival Black
    DW: Change Felicity Black (nee Waters)

    DS: Orion Nathaniel Black II *Nate* (TWIN)
    DS: Leonidas Percival Black II *Percy* (TWIN)
    DS: Phoenix Vladimir Black *Nix*
    DD: Hermione Olivia Black *Ione*

    Generation 4

    DH: Leonidas Percival Black II *Percy*
    DW: Hera Jane Black (nee Brooklyn)
    DS: Leonidas Percival Black III "Leon"
    DD: Saphirra Jane Black

    DH: Orion Nathaniel Black II *Nate*
    DW: Adhara Sophia Black-James
    DD: Camilla Juniper Black-James *Cami/June*
    DS: Orion Nathaniel Black III *Rye*
    DS: Bruno Maverick Black
    DD: Astoria Blythe Black-James *Tori*
    DD: Lilliana Change Black-James *Lilly*
    DS: Aslan Nicholias Black

    DH: Phoenix Vladimir Black-Porter
    DH: Harold Elliot Porter-Black (gay partner)
    5 children (via surrogate)
    DS: Clyde Elliot Black-Porter
    DS: Nico Damien Black-Porter
    DS: Phoenix Vladimir Black-Porter II *Vlad*
    twinDD: Tabitha Genevieve Black-Porter *Tabby*
    twinDD: Drusilla Hermione Black-Porter *Dru*

    DW: Hermione Olivia Penn (nee Black)
    DH: Eden Alexander Penn
    No children.
    Sari, college freshman

    Cressida. Rosalind. Vera.
    Sage. Casimir. Lucian.

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    An Updated Family Tree Game

    Use this dice to play:

    Generation #1: Write down the names of you and your spouse (doesn't have to be real)
    Sarah Mayzum and Jeff Mayzum

    Generation #2: Roll the dice for how many children you have.
    Then roll the dice for the gender of each child: even #=girl, odd #=boy
    Names are your choice
    Carly, Molly, Owen

    Generation #3: Roll the dice to determine how many of your children marry. Even # means they marry, odd # means they remain single
    Carly= married
    Molly= Married
    Owen= Married

    Then, roll the dice again to determine how many of them reproduce. Even # means they reproduce, odd # means they do not reproduce. Roll the dice for how many children they have.
    Roll the dice for each child in Generation #3 for the genders. Even #=girl, odd #=boy
    Names are your choice
    Carly= Elliot Sarah, Luke Ryan, Felix Leonardo
    Molly= Branden Matthew, Lisa Rose, Blaize Jacob
    Owen= Kurt Damon, Stella May, Jessica Rala, Finn Jeffry, Rachel Gertrude

    Generation #4: Roll the dice again to see if that grandchild marries. Even # means they marry, odd # means they do not.
    Then, roll the dice again to determine how many of your grandchildren reproduce. Even # means they reproduce, odd # means they do not reproduce. Roll the dice for how many children they have.
    Roll the dice for each child in Generation #4 for the genders. Even #=girl, odd #=boy
    Names are your choice
    Elliot= NM Carliegh Jenna, Mason Gregory, Derek James
    Luke= NM Samantha Lucille, Franzizco Louis, Ryan Marlin
    Felix= NM Mariah Tatum, Karter Ray, Stanley Raider

    Branden= YM Braden Deen, Bently Doom
    Lisa= NM Levi Jam, Ernie Jam, Zoey Jam, Cecily Jam
    Blaize= YM Brody Edmund, Edward Jacob, Scott William

    Kurt= NM Kaden Dora, Keagen Dora, Karson Dora, Kaiylegh Dora
    Stella= YM Aiden Henry
    Jessica= NM Jessica Tatum, James Tarren, Jimmy Tate, Jedidah Taken, Joyanna Tassie
    Finn= YM Artie Finn
    Rachel= NM Mercedes Jones, Tina Cong, Quinn Fabray


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    Violet Gray
    No longer a teenager, still sad and name-obsessed

    Jude, Theo, Luca, Oliver l Eliza, Rose, Kate, Dahlia

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    DW: Dorothy Joan (Michaels) (b.1930)
    m. 1968
    DH: George Richard Hemmings (b.1927)
    _DD: Carolyn Patricia Hemmings (b.1949)
    __DD: Angela Elizabeth (Hemmings) Whitby (b.1964)
    m. 1983
    __DH: Daniel James Whitby (b.1958)
    ____DD: Danielle Nicole Whitby (b.1978)
    ____DD: Stephanie Erin Whitby (b.1983)
    ____DD: Amanda Lauren Whitby (b.1985)

    __DS: John Brian Hemmings (b.1969)
    ____DS: Jayden Alexander Brown (b.2010)

    __DS: Matthew Joseph Hemmings (b. 1978)
    m. 2005
    __DW: Tammy Delinda (Webb) Hemmings (b.1965)

    _DD: Susan Joyce (Hemmings) Lorquil (b.1952)
    m. 1974
    _DH: Robert Chrarles Lorquil (b.1951)

    _DS: David Steven Hemmings (b.1955)
    m. 1980
    _DW: Judith Diane (Berger) Hemmings (b1960)
    __DS: Steven Nicholas Hemmings (b.1983)
    __DW: Lauren Christina Jackson-Hemmings (b.1985)
    ____DS: Ethan Lucas Jackson-Hemmings (b.2001)
    ____DD: Lillian Jade Jackson-Hemmings (b.2008)
    ____DS: Logan Cade Jackson-Hemmings (b.2008)

    __DD: Allison Joan (Hemmings) Alexander (b.1985)
    __DH: Johnathan Eric Alexander (b1980)

    __DS: Richard Kevin Hemmings (b.1987 d.1987)

    __DS: Michael Andrew Hemmings (b.1988)
    __DW: Shannon Kelly (Reiley) Hemmings (1987)
    ____DD: Gabrielle Olivia Hemmings (b.2005)
    ____DS: Christopher Kevin Hemmings (b.2010)
    ____DD: Elizabeth Anna Hemmings (b.2010)
    ____DS: Benjamin Jacob Hemmings (b.2010)
    ____DS: Nathaniel Hunter Hemmings (b.2010)

    __DD: Kimberley Georgia (Hemmings) Worth (b.1989)
    __DH: Nathan Zachary Worth(b.1979)
    ____DS: Sebastian Tyler Worth (b.2009)
    ____DD: Audrey Claire Worth (b.2010)
    ____DS: Jack Hayden Worth (b.2011)
    ____DD: Emily Abigail Worth (b.2012)

    __DD: Ashley Dayva Hemmings (b.1997)
    Nobody ever said life was easy.

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