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    Generation #1:
    Andrew John Hurley
    Jasey Rae Hurley

    Generation #2:
    Jocelyn Rachelle Hurley
    Adelaide Paige Hurley
    Tristan Reese Hurley

    Generation #3:
    Jocelyn gets married to her high school sweetheart. His name Is Aaron Daniel Peterson. They have 3 beautiful daughters named, Harper Simone Peterson, Victoria Jade Peterson, and Isobel Rose Peterson.

    Adelaide marries a man she met in college. His name is Ryan Matthew O'Connel. They have 7 beautiful children. 5 boys and 2 girls. Mason Elijah O'Connel, Ian Evander O'Connel, Rowan Sebastian O'Connel, Jeremiah Adam O'Connel, Cohen Ezra O'Connel, Melody Cheyenne O'Connel, Lucy Olivia O'Connel

    Tristan marries his best friend since they were 2 Ginevra Grace Donovan. They have 3 handsome boys and 1 beautiful girl. Dean Christopher Hurley, Elias Quinn Hurley, Gareth Charles Hurley, and Gemma Adeline Hurley

    Generation #4:
    Harper marries Randall Elijah Dawson and they have 2 boys named Addison Jordan Dawson and Aiden Dexter Dawson

    Victoria marries Jonathan Casey Tanner they have one girl named Stella Danielle Tanner

    Isobel marries Jarrett Benjamin Cooper they have a set of twins named Mackenzie Madison Cooper and Austin Robert Cooper. They are expecting another baby girl. They will name her Ada Evelyn Cooper

    Mason marries Sarah Anabel O'Connel. They have 7 kids. Reagan Eleanor O'Connel, Evander Patrick O'Connel, William Andrew O'Connel, Kendall Grace O'Connel, Zachary Ryan O'Connel, Carson Hunter O'Connel, and Tenley Eloise Oconnel.

    Ian marries Kyra Eve O'Connel. They ave one son named Noah Benjamin O'Connel.

    Rowan marries Asia Jasmine O'Connel. They have 2 boys named Louis Alexander O'Connel and Landon Matthew O'Connel.

    Jeremiah marries Rebekah Michelle O'Connel they have 3 boys and 1 girl named Ethan Chase O'Connel, Evan Lucas O'Connel, Declan Jude O'Connel, and Mya Reese O'Connel.

    Cohen gets married to Gwyneth Miriam O'Connel. They don't have any kids.

    Melody married Devin Judah Carson. They have 1 boy and one girl named Sawyer James Carson and Delaney Payton Carson.

    Lucy married Agustin Paul Montgomery. They have one girl named Isabella Harlow.

    Dean marries Natasha Daphne Preston. They Have two girls named Audrey Harper Hurley and Adalynn Jude Hurley.

    Elias marries Leah Justine King. They don't have any kids.

    Gareth marries Jessamine Rachelle Patterson they have 3 boys. Ari Lucian Hurley, Spencer Jayce Hurley, Oliver Glenn Hurley.

    Gemma marries Cody Orion Griffin. They Have 4 girls and 1 boy. Ravena Claire Griffin, Avery Charlotte Griffin, Sophia Rose Griffin, Mackenzie Grace Griffin, and Liam Alexander Griffin

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    Since you can't actually pick out your grandchildren's names I picked names from the scrolling bar and then went to lists that had that name on them to get sibling names.

    Bryan and Erin

    Patrick Werner never marries but has one daughter.
    -Nora Emery never marries or has children.
    Mary Claire marries Lucas Colton they don't have any children.
    Rose Therese never marries or has children.
    Stephen Matthew marries Megan Perrine
    -Tabitha Violet marries Bodhi they have no children.
    -Asher Beckett marries Camilla Emelia
    -------Peyton Lyric (girl)
    -------Hunter Noble (boy)
    -------Emmett Story (girl)
    -------Malone Cash (boy)
    -------Reese Bliss (girl)
    -Elijah Donovan marries Roan Alexios they do not have any children.
    -Seth Jackson marries Stella Mago
    -------Kali Odessa
    -------Doyle Oscar
    -------Raven Olivia
    -------Jett Owen
    -Jude Rowan never marries
    Sarah Jane marries David Nolan
    -Mason David marries Gretel
    -------Shelby Rae
    -------Bryan Max
    -------Erin Maeve
    -------Brandon Lee
    -------Kerry Quinn
    -------Megan Anne
    -Harper Sarah marries Callum Dexter
    -------Chandler Mercury
    -------Dylan Rupert
    -------Baldwin Dodge
    -------Miles Phineas

    Our Children: Patrick, Mary, Rose, Stephen and Sarah
    Our Grandchildren: Tabitha, Asher, Nora, Elijah, Seth, Mason , Jude and Harper
    Our Great-Grandchildren: Peyton, Hunter, Emmett, Malone, Shelby, Reese, Kali, Bryan, Doyle, Erin, Brandon, Raven, Chandler, Kerry, Jett, Dylan, Megan, Baldwin and Miles.
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    Mother to: Patrick Werner (3/10) , Mary Claire (06/12) and Margaret Rose (05/15)

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    First Generation:
    DW - Elizabeth Claudia "Eliza"
    DH - Wesley Maxwell "Wes"

    Second Generation:
    Eliza & Wes have one son:
    DS - Zachary Maxwell "Zach"
    - DW - Poppy Veronica, six kids

    Third Generation:
    Zach and Poppy have six kids:
    DS -- Julian Maxwell "Jules"
    - DW - Matilda Catherine, no kids
    DD -- Eleanor Violet - doesn't marry, no kids
    DD -- Imogen Claudia
    - DH - William Daniel, 4 kids
    DS -- Reuben Luca
    - DW - Clara Sadie, no kids
    DS -- Theodore Charles - doesn't marry, no kids
    DS -- James Vincent - doesn't marry, no kids

    Fourth Generation:
    Imogen and William have 4 kids:
    --- DS --- Daniel Wesley
    --- DD --- Penelope Claudia "Penny"
    --- DD --- Amelia Charlotte "Mia"
    --- DD --- Lillian Isobel "Lily"

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    DH: Ryker Phoenix
    DW: Genesis Payton
    DS1: Stephen Richard
    DD1/DD2/DD3: Lydia Margaret/Amelia Charlotte/Eva Isabella


    DS1: Stephen Richard
    DW: Emma Carol
    ds1: Neil William
    ds2: Mark Joseph
    dd1: Abigail Elizabeth "Abby"

    ds1: Neil William
    DW: Nadia Harper
    ds: Simon Maxwell
    ds: Isaac Alexander

    ds2: Mark Joseph
    DW: Hazel Taylor
    ds: Gareth Trevor

    dd1: Abigail Elizabeth "Abby"
    DH: Merritt Percival
    dd: Darcy Auden
    dd: Anna Kennedy
    dd: Nina Mackenzie
    ds: Ross Preston
    ds: Reid Patrick
    ds: Finn Henry


    DD1: Lydia Margaret
    DH: George Vincent
    ds1: Basil Sebastian

    ds1: Basil Sebastian
    DW: Emily Rebecca
    ds: Axel Lucas
    dd/dd: Raine Violet/Adele Magnolia
    dd: Alice Flora
    dd: Emmy Beatrice


    DD2: Amelia Charlotte
    DH: Alan Samuel
    dd1: Mila Scarlett
    ds1: Leo Matthias
    dd2: Ava Genevieve
    ds2/ds3: James Benjamin/ Miles Nathaniel

    dd1: Mila Scarlett
    DH: Noah Augustus
    dd/ds: Kelly Sawyer/Jack Ryan

    ds1: Leo Matthias
    DW: Gloria Dorothy
    dd: Nancy Marie
    dd: Anne Martha
    ds: Karl Andrew

    dd2: Ava Genevieve
    DH: Orrin Jasper
    ds/ds: Roger Edward/Ethan Raymond
    ds: Evan Warren
    ds: Ralph Walter

    ds2: James Benjamin
    DW: Ariel Grace
    dd: Claire Louise
    ds: Hugh Jacob
    ds/dd/dd: Caleb Joshua/Sadie Victoria/Molly Camilla
    ds: David Michael

    ds3: Miles Nathaniel
    DW: Gemma Audrey
    dd: Karyl Rosalind


    DD3: Eva Isabella
    DH: Logan Carter
    ds1/dd1: Beck Hayden/Macy Jane

    ds1: Beck Hayden
    DW: Ella Kathleen "Ella Kate"
    ds: Brady Fletcher

    dd1: Macy Jane
    DH: Craig Douglas
    dd: Sage Hermione
    ds: Jude Dominic
    ds: Silas Roman
    ds: Moses Dexter

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    England, West Midlands
    Philip George and Chloe Natalia Hartwood

    6 Children, 2 girls and 4 boys

    Rowan Alicia Married to Edmund Theo
    5 kids, 3 boys and 2 girls

    Peter Joseph Married to Gemma Louise
    no kids

    David Jonathan Never Married
    5 kids 4 boys and a girl
    Henry Matthew
    Leo Ronan
    Felix Atticus
    Adam Arthur
    Una Imogen

    Lucy Georgiana Married to Joshua Oliver
    1 kid a girl
    Amelie Jane

    Samuel Jack Never Married
    2 kids a boy and a girl
    Fred Zachary
    Molly Florence

    Clara Romilly Never Married
    1 kid a girl
    Phoebe Madeline

    Lyssa Jane Married to Frank Joshua
    no kids

    Nate Farrell Never Married
    3 kids, 2 boys and a girl

    Ellis William Married to Susan Thea
    no kids

    Marcus Ryan Not married
    3 kids 3 boys
    Callum Theo
    Mason Jacob
    Henry Philip

    Zoe Alisha Married to Louis Quentin
    3 kids 3 girls
    Katie Summer
    Alexa Lilith
    Ivy Evangeline

    Hugo Jameson Never Married
    no kids

    Jude Maxwell Married to Gemma Maria
    3 kids, 2 boys and a girl

    Archie Bill
    Harry Nathan
    Poppy Melissa

    Alec Matthew Married to Ellen-Jane Hera
    no kids

    Isabelle Malia Married to Simon Harris
    5 kids 4 girls and a boy

    g Bonnie Lilia
    g Saffron Ava
    b Oscar Vincent
    g Belle Abigail
    g Sonia Leanne

    Jonah Mason Never married
    no kids

    Rory Caleb Never Married
    no kids
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    Jess, 14 year old Teenberry with a serious name obsession

    Girls: Lucy/Lucie, Amelie, Isobel, Imogen, Evie/Eve, Ella, Mae, Poppy, Lily, Annabel

    Boys: Max, Finn, Luke, James, Louis, Alexander, Benjamin, Harry, Alfie, Joshua

    GPs: Bliss, Evangeline, Georgiana, Una, Rowan, Alexa, Saffron

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