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Thread: Azula?

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    Hi Berries! Before I asked for opinions on my favorite A names and not a single person liked Azula. This time, I thought with a poll that I could get more feedback on this name. If you like or dislike it, I would love to know why.

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    No because it reminds me of Avatar The Last Airbender.

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    No. I've never heard it before, but i don't like it. The pronunciation seems awkward, and it's just not pretty.

    Much prefer Azalea or Azaria (not in Australia, though!).

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    My first association is Avatar the Last Airbender, and while I'm a HUGE fan of the show, I don't think it would be a good name for a child.

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    I think of Avatar too, and while I love Azula, she was really portrayed in a negative light so I'm not sure about it as a name:

    (She was just a really misunderstood little princess that didn't get enough love from her mom my poor baby sobs)
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