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    A Few Questions...

    I was just wondering if I could get some feedback on our top favorite boys name combo right now

    Konrad John Maika'i

    John is a family name, and hawaiian names are a family tradition. Maika'i is pronounced My- KUH- ee... it means handsome. I prefer Conrad but my fiance only likes the 'k' version. I am hoping to get opinions on these questions-

    Do you think Konrad will work well on a baby, a school aged child and an adult?
    What are some cute nicknames, and is it possible to avoid Konnie?
    What do you picture a Konrad being like?

    Thank you all in advance

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    I have a cousin named Conrad, and he goes by Conrad. I've never heard him called anything else. He's named after my grandfather, who went by Connie, but that was his choice. If you don't want your son called by a nickname, then politely correct people and say "Yes, that's a cute nickname, but we're calling him Konrad." After a short while it will become commonly known his name is Konrad, not Konnie. If he chooses to go by a nickname when he gets older, then it will be his own choice.

    As far as spelling, Konrad is the traditional Eastern European spelling. Conrad is a more westernized spelling. Either way is fine; it's a great name.
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