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    I think you could avoid it though she may choose to go by Lucy later in life!! I LOVE nn lulu but I guess that's a nn you grown out of.., but that's ok she could then just go by Lucille... I think people are more inclined to want to nickname little kids! Cici is another option. I like Luciana the most of the Lucy variants because it gives nn Luna! And Lucinda for nn Indi which I think is just gorgeous! Lucille is so fresh and pretty though...

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    Lucy could be hard to avoid as it's the most intuitive nn for Lucille. As said above, some people will probably jump straight to Lucy even if she's introduced as Lucille, and will need to be corrected. Your daughter may even like Lucy and you could be fighting a losing battle!
    Cilla is a cute nn IMO. I actually prefer Lucinda and Lucilla to Lucille - this just makes me think of Arrested Development!

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    With Lucille could call her Lulu or Cici if you are looking for a different nickname options. If you go with Lucinda, you could always use Cindy instead of Lucy. I have a slight preference for Lucille over Lucinda, but I think they are both nice names.

    You may find that some people call her Lucy anyway or she may decide to go by this herself one day. This is something to keep in mind if you really do despise the Lucy nickname. I don't think it will happen all the time, but you will probably hear it. I think you have to judge how grating/annoying this might be for you. If you think it might be intolerable, I'd search for a different name.

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