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    [QUOTE=spring13;1530788]I never understood why people nickname a child when the child is introduced by his or her parents in a certain way. Who gives anyone other than the parents the right to decide what a child is called? [QUOTE]

    I agree. My husband's name is Patrick, and even in business situations he's introduced himself as such, and then the person (always a man) goes on to refer to him as "Pat" for the entire conversation. That being said, some people are going to call Lucille "Lucy," and you'll just have to be comfortable enough to correct them. My brother is a Jonathan who has never gone by "John," but that doesn't mean my mom didn't spend years correcting people. And you have to do it EVERY time. A friend has a Zachary who she never wanted to be Zach, but her MIL called him Zach from the start. She tried correcting her a few times, but didn't want to offend so she stopped. Then her FIL picked up on it, and then her kids. Ten years later, I've never heard him called Zachary by anyone.

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    I love Lucille, dislike Lucinda, Lucy is cute.

    I would never call a Lucille Lucy unless someone told me my mind Lucy is a seperate name & not something I would call someone without being directed towards it. Lou is something I could see myself using more naturally.

    But if you really dislike Lucy maybe use Lucille as a mn cause your daughter might go for Lucy in school when she's older.

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    I much prefer Lucille to Lucinda. I may be biased, daughter's middle name is Lucille in honor of my grandmother. I actually love the name Lucy too, but if you don't just call her Lucille. My name is Kathryn and I have always been called Kathryn (except in high school when I changed my name to Katy for a little while, but who doesn't do that as a teen, right?). Occasionally people would assume I was called Kathy for short and I'd have to correct them, but most of the time in school teachers would just ask "do you go by Kathryn or do you want to be called something else?" It was never a problem for me.

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    You could always do the nickname "Lulu". Which is still pretty cute.

    However, even if you call her by another name like Lulu, that won't necessarily stop your own daughter from wanting to be called Lucy instead. She might even have friends that want to call her by a different nickname.

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    I've always liked Lucinda more than Lucille, but I like Lucilla (loo-SILL-ah) more than Lucille and Lucinda. Maybe you could do something like Lucille nn Cilley? Said like SEE-lee? I've come across Cecily/Cecilia nn Celie, and I think Lucille nn Cilley works, too. I love the Celie spelling, but I think Cilley might make more sense with the full name Lucille.

    Good luck!
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