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    What are some nicknames for Marissa (besides the usual)?

    I'm tired of my name and feel like I don't identify with it. It seems so foreign when I hear it. I've tried on the following nicknames, but none of them feel right. Mer, Miss, Missy, Mo, Momo, Rissa, Missa, Wriss.

    I don't like Mara, Mari, Mary, Maria. What else is there? :S

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    How about Maisie, or Maris, or Massie? Or Misa (mee-suh) or Marsi. Also, I don't know if you think of Mari as just like Mary, but you could also use mah-ree. Or you could use a nickname based off of your middle name, depending on what it is.

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    Issy? Bit like Izzy but with a softer sound. Or Em or Emmy?

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    I was in a similar situation as you are in, but I am fortunate to be switching schools for the upcoming year and have the opportunity to unofficially change my name. It's not all that uncommon for someone to go by a name completely different than their real name. Most assume it is a middle or variation of it. It took my family awhile to accept this (I've been complaining for years about how much I wanted to change my name), but I am involving them in the process of choosing my name.

    If you are moving soon or going to a new job/school, it is a perfect time to go by a different name. But these opportunities don't come often, and you have to make sure it's a name that sticks and you love. And it would be best to ask for guidance from close family members or friends.

    If going by a different name isn't an option, than Maisie or May are my favorite nicknames for Marissa.
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    I like the suggestion of Maisie or May. Some others that might work....

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