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    My name: Allison Sophie MacAlister
    My husband: Ethan Owen MacAlister

    DS: Finn Brennan MacAlister 10
    DD: Charlotte Quinn MacAlisted 7
    DS: Malachy Donnelly MacAlister 3
    DS: Grayson Henry MacAlister 4weeks
    DD: Imogen Grace MacAlister 4 weeks

    Your out at the mall with all the kids Finn pushing the twins, your husbands walking beside you, your carrying Malachy and Grayson is walking infront. Suddenly the fire alarm goes off in the mall and you can see flames raising from the ground floor! You can see your husband faintly with the kids running, you have Malachyin your hands but thing become blurry and you passed out. When you wake up your out side the mall surrounded by police men, medics and firefighters. They stopped the burning building and nobody died. You turn your head you see your husband and kids you go to run but stop your husbands crying and there is only 4 children beside him one is missing!

    Which one is missing?

    What happen next?

    We are all upset from what's happening and since Gray is only a baby and at serious risk they put the case to critical. They have small updates but nothing major after a month of searching they reavealed that they have found him and the kidnapper they tell us that its Olivia Jenkins my aunt! She has a grudge over my family because my grandmother favoured my mum. This was because Olivia claimed that my grandmother beat her which was proven un true by courts.

    This affected the family because now Finn is over protective of everyone and he now has anxiety issues. Charlotte is very scared to go to any kind of shop she has developed asthma. Malachy doesn't understand we told him Gray was staying at my Aunts. Imogen is uneffected. Gray cries at night and is very clingy.
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