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    Need middle names for Aleela?

    I saw this in my sisters baby name book. What caught my eye was the meaning.

    It means "she cries" in Swahili. I think it's an absolutely beautiful name.


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    Aleela Rose
    Aleela Grace
    Aleela Faith

    any one syllable name would sound good, but here are some longer ones that sound good:

    Aleela Rayan
    Aleela Seren
    Aleela Mirielle
    Aleela Nanette
    Aleela Charise
    Aleela Jenean

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    I think it's really pretty too!

    I think most any name that doesn't start or end with A will sound best, maybe not start with vowel sounds generally. Although it could.
    1 or 2 or 4 syllables will also be best.
    Are you looking for another Swahili or African name?

    I think a name with a happy name might be nice to clarify / balance the meaning of "she cries" - like she cries for joy?

    Aleela Beatrice
    Aleela Beatrix
    Aleela Blythe
    Aleela Felicity
    Aleela Joy

    There are more happiness names, there are some lists here on NB.

    here are some Swahili or African names

    Aleela Bayo (Yoruba "joy has found us")
    Aleela Bayo (Nigerian "joy arrives")
    Aleela Kamali (? "spirit guide, protector")
    Aleela Valo (Malagasy, eight)
    Aleela Xois (name of an Egyptian city)
    Aleela Zizi (Swahili "pledged to God" - possibly an Elizabeth connection?)
    Aleela Zuri (Swahili "good, beautiful")

    Good luck!

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