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Thread: Boyband Names

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    Boyband Names

    Hello! It's been awhile since I posted! Anyway, my niece was over yesterday and wanted to watch some award show for some boy band. She told me all about them. They are called One Direction and are from Britain I think. Anyway, the one thing about them that caught my attention was their names and for one of the boys, his sisters names (yes, she is so obsess that she knows their siblings names-oh boy!)
    Anyway, what do you berries think of the names?
    Zayn Javadd (He apparently has a mid-Eastern background)
    Louis William*
    Liam James
    Niall James
    Harry Edward

    *This boy has sisters with lovely names
    Charlotte "Lottie" (My sister's name except my sister was called Charlie)
    Felicite "Fizzy"

    I think the other had siblings but I don't remember them all but I'm pretty sure someone has a sister named Ruth, a sister named Gemma, and one brother Gregg but that's all I remember and I have no idea who belongs to who and quite frankly don't care. Names only interest me lol
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    I also noticed that they were very well named when i first heard of them. however i feel all of their middle names are bland/safe compared to their handsome and well chosen firsts.

    Zayn: Doniya, Waliyha, Saffa
    Liam: Nicole, Ruth
    Harry: Gemma
    Niall: Greg
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    Zayn Javadd- Interesting name
    Louis William- Love Louis, but it will probably go up soon because of them and sandra bullock
    Liam James- My husband loves liam and I think it is too plain for me as a first name but it is still cute. James is wonderful.
    Niall James- Probably the best with Louis William. Niall will probably rise too
    Harry Edward- Harry is cute, but Americans don't pronounce it nice like the British do.

    I love lottie for Charlotte, and phoebe.

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    How on earth do you pronounce Felicite?
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    I like Louis, Niall, and Javad (I'm biased... it's my husband's name)...
    Currently exiled from the US

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