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    Lucinda - The kooky great aunt from the Spiderwick Chronicles.
    Sean - Actress Sean Young.
    Vera - Actress Vera Farmiga.
    Helena - Actress Helena Bonham-Carter.
    Minerva, Hermione, Narcissa, Bellatrix, Fleur - Harry Potter.
    Thelma - The adorable ghost from the tv show Hex.
    Rosamund - Actress Rosamund Pike.
    Estelle - The singer Estelle.
    Juno - Actress Juno Temple.
    Briony - Girl from Atonement.
    Arwen, Galadriel, Éowyn - The Lord of the Rings.
    Ravenna - Snow White and the Huntsman.
    Hypatia - Agora.
    Edna - The poet Edna St. Vincent Millay.
    Prudence - Across the Universe and the song "Dear Prudence".
    Buttercup - The Princess Bride.

    Lucius, Draco, Neville, Albus - Harry Potter.
    Aloysius - The bear from Brideshead Revisited.
    Sebastian - Actor Sebastian Stan.
    Kraven, Andreas - Underworld and Underworld: Evolution.
    Jude Across the Universe and the song "Hey Jude".
    Deacon, Frost - Blade.
    Rudolph - Actor Rudolph Valentino.
    Laurence, Laurie - Little Women.
    Emile - Actor Emile Hirsch.
    Westley, Inigo - The Princess Bride.

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    I also have a lot. Huge book nerd, but most of them come from different TV shows and movies:


    Andrew - Inspired by the character from Touched By An Angel, which I used to watch all the time when I was younger. (The actor also recently passed away, so it's even more special now)
    Brandon - Always been a big 90210 fan
    Brighton - Character on the show "Everwood"
    Dean - Character from the show "Supernatural"
    Declan - I think I may have heard this on the show "Degrassi", but it could have been somewhere else as well.
    Dylan - 90210 connection again.
    Elliot - Character from the show "Leverage"
    Emmett - I will admit that I heard it on Twilight, even thought I'm not a big fan. I do love the name.
    Ephram - Also from the show "Everwood"
    Finn - Character from the show "Glee"
    Garrett - The name of my favorite actor, Garrett Hedlund.
    Ian - But it has to be pronounced "Eye-An", like the actor Ian Ziering. I always loved how he pronounced his name, and I don't like it any other way.
    Kellan - The actor who plays Emmett in Twilight, Kellan Lutz.
    Kieran - The name of actress Julianna Margulies' son.
    Landon - Character from the book "A Walk to Remember"
    Lincoln - Character from the show "Fringe"
    Luca - It's actually the name of Jennie Garth's daughter, but I like it better on a boy.
    Mekhi - After actor Mekhi Phifer.
    Paxton - One of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's kids.
    Roman - Actor Erik Palladino's son.
    Spencer - The last name of Eliot on the show "Leverage"
    Theodore - The name of Bryce Dallas Howard and Seth Gabel's son./Also Ali Larter's son
    West - Actor Misha Collins' son


    Arianne - I believe there was a contestant on "The Amazing Race" with this name
    Arwen - From "Lord of the Rings"
    Auden - Actor Noah Wyle's daughter
    Aurelia - Character from the movie "Love Actually"
    Coraline - Obviously from the book/movie of the same name
    Danneel - Actress Danneel Ackles
    Easton - Actress Elisabeth Rohm's daughter
    Elin - The name of Tiger Woods' ex-wife, Elin Nordegren
    Ella - Partially from the book "Ella Enchanted" which I loved as a child.
    Eowyn - From "Lord of the Rings"
    Genevieve - Actress Genevieve Padalecki
    Isla - Actress Isla Fisher
    Isolde - From "Tristan and Isolde"
    Jovie - Character from the movie "Elf"
    Kahlen - A contestant on "America's Next Top Model"
    Katarzyna - Also an ANTM contestant
    Mischa - Actress Mischa Barton
    Mila - Actress Mila Kunis
    Priya - A character from "The Big Bang Theory"
    Ramona - Partially from the children's books by Beverly Cleary, and also the name of actress Maggie Gyllenhaal's daughter
    Tais - First heard it as a character's name from the show "Ghost Whisperer"

    I swear it sounds like I watch way more TV than I actually do.
    Top 10 Girls -- Ella ~ Haven ~ Jovie ~ Natalie ~ Lucia ~ Aubrey ~ Willa ~ Tais ~ Auden ~ Hannahi

    Top 10 Boys -- Oliver ~ Micah ~ Levi ~ Elliot ~ Wyatt ~ Roman ~ West ~ Jude ~ Elijah ~ Jackson

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    While these weren't where I first heard the names by any means, it did make me warm up to the names more because of the characters.

    Lucy - From I Love Lucy
    Samantha - From Bewitched and Stargate SG-1
    Dexter - From the book series and TV show Dexter.
    Lila - From Dexter
    Temperance - From Bones
    Seeley- From Bones
    Angela - From Bones
    Cordelia - Angel [and Buffy as well, but I liked the character better in Angel]
    Elliot - From Law & Order SVU
    Walter - From Breaking Bad and Fringe
    Audrey - From Haven
    Hassie - From The Real McCoy's
    Scarlett - From Gone With The Wind
    Claire - From Six Feet Under
    Nathaniel - From Six Feet Under
    Jadzia - From Star Trek DS9
    Kira - From Star Trek DS9
    Oswin - From Dr. Who
    Rose -From Dr. Who
    Amelia -From Dr. Who
    Rory - From Dr. Who
    Russell - From True Blood
    Alcide - From True Blood
    Godric - From True Blood
    Spencer - From Criminal Minds
    Kimber - From Nip/Tuck
    Isabeau - From Lost Girl
    Snow - From Once Upon a Time
    Dean - From Supernatural
    Castiel - From Supernatural
    Daryl - From The Walking Dead
    Hershel - From The Walking Dead
    Myka - From Warehouse 13
    Helena - From Warehouse 13
    Liesel - From Ring [sci-fi novel]
    Alia - From Transcendent [sci-fi novel]
    Siri - From Blindsight [sci-fi novel]
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    Augustus- from my favorite book, The Fault in Our Stars
    Eames- Law and Order (also Eamon)- someone's last name
    Benjamin- I started liking this name after I started watching Parks and Recreation
    Fleet- Fleet Foxes (I use to listen to them with my dad)
    I gess I can't think of many now. Oh well.

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    That happened to me with Conrad as it's the last name of a musician I like, it definitely helped me see it in a cooler setting.
    Boys: Nash, Liam, Conrad, Finn, Kit

    Girls: Layla, Kasia, Ada, Clara, Tessa

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