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    How could I forget these?!

    Matilda from the Roald Dahl novel.
    Cordelia from Buffy the Vampire Slayer (also my inspiration for my love of Liam).
    Rose as a fn from Doctor Who/nn Rosie from We Bought a Zoo.
    Lucian from Underworld.

    I love this thread because this applies to most of the names I love. I also want to clarify that I wouldn't be naming my children after any of these people/characters, they are just the reason I first heard or fell in love with the names.
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    I have TONS here are some:

    Agnes, David - David Copperfield
    Arrow Oliver, Kal-El Clark, Bruce Wayne, Damian Nightwing, Robin Grayson, Harley Quinn Ivy, Selena, Arkham, Gotham - DC Comics characters/Places Green Arrow, Superman, Batman, Damian Wayne, Nightwing, Robin, Harley Quinn + Poison Ivy, Selina Kyle, Arkham Asylum, Gotham City
    Avery, Fern, Templeton, Charlotte - Charlotte's Web
    Chester - after the cat Chester in Bunnicula series
    Dorian - Dorian Gray
    Hyzenthlay, Hazel, Dandelion, Strawberry, Blackavar, Efrafa - Watership Down
    Edmund, Aslan, Narnia, Lucy, Charn, Jadis, Tumnus, Caspian, Hwin, Bree, Aravis, Shasta - Chronicles of Narnia

    Damon [unisex] - Damon from Vampire Diaries

    Amsterdam - after Gangs of New York character Amsterdam

    Bear - after Bear Grylls
    Bale - after Christian Bale
    Perkins - after Anthony Perkins
    Beckham - after David Beckham
    Balthazar - after Balthazar Getty
    Tobias - after Tobey Maguire

    Michael - Michael Jackson
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    Rohan- a city in 'The Lord of the Rings'

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    Forrest-from Forrest Gump
    Hermione, Luna, Neville, Helena - from Harry Potter series
    Cinnamon nn Min - the Gravesavers
    Primrose, Finnick, Johanna, Cinna -the Hunger Games series
    Magdalena nn Lena and Hana -Delirium series
    Tobias- Divergent series
    Alec and Isabelle-the Mortal Instruments
    Finn and Sam - Glee
    Aria and Ezra- Pretty Little Liars
    Thalia - the Percy Jackson series
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    Edmund- my grade 3 teacher read us The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe and that was when I fell in love with Edmund.
    Catharine- I did a project on Catharine Parr Traill in grade 12 Canadian history, and that's what solidified my preference with the spelling... though I'm not sure if she counts as a celebrity.
    Cedric- Harry Potter, I can't lie.
    Clara- Heidi
    Ephraim- I first heard this on the WB show Everwood. They spelled it differently, but I love the name!
    Evgeni- Evgeni Malkin, hahaha. I don't even like Pittsburgh, but Evgeni is an awesome name.
    Ezra- uh, Tayor Hanson's kid made me take note of it.
    Gaël- Gael García Bernal
    Hortensia- I read a book by Hortense Powdermaker in 4th year and I took note of Hortensia because of it. While combing this Valencian names document I have, Hortènsia came up, and it sparked my interest.
    Hyacinth- the character on "Keeping Up Appearances" hahaha
    Iker- noticed because of Iker Casillas, kept on the list because I'm in love with the Basque Country.
    Leonor- the Infanta of Spain. I don't care about the royal family but I do love this name!
    Marius- I read a play in grade 10 French called "Fanny", and Marius really stuck out to me, especially in French. Love it!
    Moira- Wendy Moira Angela Darling. Peter Pan is by far my favourite story ever.
    Paget- I have a bit of a girl crush on Paget Brewster, lol.
    Pastora- there's this flamenco singer named Pastora Pavón (La niña de los peines)
    Rafael- Rafael Nadal, not gonna lie.
    Romola- I went through a Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights phase a few years ago and the lead actress' name is Romola, I thought it was pretty.
    Rosaline- pretty much the only thing I like about Romeo and Juliet.
    Viola- I loooove Twelfth Night!

    (this is from my long list, haha)
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