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    Need First name to go with Middle name Jemima

    I am in love with the name Jemima, but my husband is not on board. I am determined to use it as the middle name if nothing else, but I need a first name that 1) will sound SO good with Jemima, he won't be able to reject it, and 2) I love enough so I'm not daily regretting that Jemima isn't her first name!

    I'm most attracted to non frou frou, stronger sounding girl's names, often with a British/Welsh/Irish origin or history. Also adding to the puzzle, my husband's last name is Brown (blah...) so the first name needs to be unique, and preferably more than 1 syllable.

    Some names I like (that do not necessarily sound good at all with Jemima):

    *favorites are starred

    Aderyn (also means bird)

    This is our 3rd (and final) baby, and our 1st girl. Big brothers are Robin Gabriel and Peregrine Michael -- both bird first names + archangel middle names, which is part of the reason I'm loving Jemima... it is Hebrew for "dove" and there is the biblical reference of Job's daughter.

    We've got about 3 months till baby arrives. With my favorite name being vetoed, I feel a bit hopeless that I will find something I like enough to actually use. I'm not totally loving any of the names I listed... need help BIG time!



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    I like Eden Jemima a lot!
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    A vote for Seren Jemima.

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    Merel Jemima Brown ... Merel means blackbird in dutch, but I am not quite sure how to pronounce it
    Raven Jemima Brown ... also a blackbird
    Patzi Jemima Brown ... Patzi is Native American for yellow bird
    Mavis Jemima Brown ... Mavis is French for songbird
    Daya Jemima Brown ... Daya is Hebrew for bird of prey
    Alondra Jemima Brown ... Alondra is Spanish for Lark
    Eileen Jemima Brown ... Eileen is Irish and means beautiful bird
    Eilley Jemima Brown ... another variation of Eileen

    These are some more bird options, I love the bird meaning name thing and I would love to hear that you continue it. I like Alondra the best i also like Eilley, it works well with Jemima and is Irish. Hope I could help.

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