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    I would never pronounce Fenyx like Phoenix but rather "Fen-nix". Everyone knows how to pronounce Declan, it's not misleading.

    I'm sorry, but your spelling doesn't make the name look cooler, it just looks like you and your husband aren't able to spell properly.

    Phoenix Declan Cruz is a nice name.

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    I would probably go for Declan Cruz, because it's way too long for my liking, but if you really love all of the names I think you should at least spell it Phoenix Declan Cruz.

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    Normally I hate creative spellings, but I can understand if you feel you want to change it a bit. I think one of the problems here is you want to make several changes, and I've always thought Cruz looked wrong too, so even the "legitimite" name of the three looks almost make up. Overall makes the name look slightly tacky (sorry). A few suggestions to tone it down a bit (I want to go on record as saying I don't actually like the spelling Decklan) but possibly still get a name you love:

    Fenix Declan Cruz (my fave choice of this list)
    Phoenyx Declan Cruz
    Phoenix Decklan Cruz
    Phoenix Decklan
    Fenix Declan
    Phoenix Cruz
    Fenix Cruz
    Decklan Cruz
    Declan Cruz
    ATLAS BRAM - Oct 2015

    ♣♣♣ ♣♣♣

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    Congrats on the weight loss and planning for baby!

    Phoenix Declan Cruz is a nice name when spelled like this. It is a little long for my tastes (I like Declan Cruz or Phoenix Cruz), but it's not me who is the parent!

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    I didn't recognise Fenyx as being an alternative for Phoenix and certainly wouldn't pronounce them in the same way. It looks made up.
    Deklan spelt that way is just...a pointless alteration.

    Phoenix Declan Cruz is cool though!

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