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    Phoenix Declan Cruz is a great name. When you butcher the spelling like Fenyx Decklan it looks like one huge typo. And the kid will be correcting the spelling for the rest of his life. The name is unique enough on its own. No need to butcher the spelling :/

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    i'm going to get on the "use the normal spellings" wagon. those names are not so uncommon and unrecognizable that people will have trouble pronouncing them when spelled properly - and the kreatyve ones are actually misleading and off-putting.

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    I think the name Phoenix Declan Cruz is a very cool name; but like previous posters I agree that you should spell it the regular way. I think Phoenix is already very rugged and modern AND people know how to say it. I think Fenyx would be pronounced like "fen-icks" and it looks made-up. I'm sorry if you really do love the name but thats my own opinion.
    About the name Deklan; the spelling is not a major issue for me but i like the spelling Declan better. I dont think the pronunciation will be a big issue but what about spelling it Decklan?
    The other middle name Cruz i think is very cool and modern! All together I think you have a very interesting and original name I just think your spelling was a bit odd.

    I like your style and I wish you the best of luck with your future family!

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    wow! well i really appreciate all the input. never thought it would get this much feedback, but it is welcomed. i totally see all your points on keeping with original spellings. my hubby loved the original spelling also i just really want a different and unique but not stupid and meaningless name.

    as far as the meanings go, i realized phoenix is myth-related and assumedly you wouldn't relate it to Christianity...but this is the website where i got a lot of the meaning of the word from, from numerous stand points:

    i think i'll take heed to what you all have shared and stick with traditional. makes more sense, especailly as he gets older and has to deal with jobs & such like the one member mentioned. great point!

    thanks again for your was super insightful.


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    Quote Originally Posted by claireelise View Post
    I absolutely LOVE Phoenix Declan Cruz (spelled like this). The name is definitely both rugged AND meaningful, but spelled properly, it will also look manly and appropriate on say...resumes, wedding invitations, business cards etc in the future.

    I really really love the flow, the reasons you chose the names, and the over-all combination! I have a feeling you'll get similar reactions from others on here. It's a great name, and it's really cool and unique! I also don't think it's too long at all. You have a fabulous name here - my ONLY advice is to reconsider spelling - seriously, it'll cause headaches for you and for him!

    Good luck starting your family!!

    I do not like Fenyx at all. Phoenix is legitmate, Fenyx I can't get behind.
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