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    To add to what others have said, I want to note that when I read Fenyx, I pronounced it "Feh-nix," not "Fee-nix." If I'm understanding you correctly, you want Fenyx to be pronounced just as Phoenix would be said. If that's the case, stick with the traditional spelling. People know how to pronounce Phoenix; Fenyx will cause confusion.

    Same thing for Declan. Spelling it Deklan doen't help with pronunciation, IMO. I think most will know that Declan should be said "Deck-lan" rather than "Deek-lan."

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    I didn't even recongize that Fenyx was supposed to be an alternate spelling of Phoenix until I read your explanation. My inclination is NOT to pronounce them the same way. Like other posters have said, I think you should go with the original Phoenix spelling.

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    Yeah, I agree on the spelling of Phoenix. I thought Fenyx was supposed to be pronounced like "Fehn-necks," as in "fennec fox." Phoenix is already a very modern, nontraditional, rugged name as it is- it doesn't need a spelling change, especially one used by Jack Black's band as a joke.

    I personally find it a bit strange that you're using "phoenix" to honor a Christian religious tradition. Phoenixes come from ancient mythological traditions- namely Egyptian and Greek, with corresponding creatures in several other ancient religions. I think the concept of rebirth from ones' own ashes is very Christian and a great inspiration for a name, but I wouldn't associate the Phoenix too closely with Christianity. I would associate Cruz with Christianity- it literally means "cross" in Spanish, not "Bearer of the cross of Christ." Just "cross."

    I think the classic spelling of Declan is very straightforward and looks much classier than Deklan. I really like the name Phoenix Declan Cruz, but I think it looks quite odd with the alternate spellings you've chosen.

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    I agree, you should spell it Phoenix if you are pronouncing it that way, or everyone will forever mispronounce his name and it may get pretty ridiculous. Phoenix Declan (spelled this way) Cruz looks better to me, but like someone else said Phoenix Cruz looks and sounds better. Phoenix isn't my style at all, but if you like it I would recommend spelling it the normal way.
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    If you hadn't mentioned Phoenix, I would have thought Fenyx was pronounced Fenn-yx, which emphasis on the short first syllable. Decklan is awful when spelled that way. Phoenix Declan Cruz would be cool.

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