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    Your Name: Sarah Rose Lawson

    It's your senior year of college, and you're walking into the first class of your spring semester. You end up sitting next to a very liberal and outgoing man with a pink mohawk. Your first impression of the fellow is not very friendly. However, during the lecture a few days later, you get into an intriguing conversation about his multi-racial background.

    What is his ethnicity? French and Native American

    What is his name? Ransom Silas Devereaux

    At the end of the semester, a week before graduation, he asks you on a date. You smile and accept his offer, without even the slightest clue of what adventure is to come.

    Years later you marry. But, surprise! Just weeks after the honeymoon, you discover that you are pregnant!
    Noam Lyons Devereaux

    When your first born hits pre-school, you decide you want another child. It takes little while, but finally you manage to conceive. You decide to keep the gender a surprise until delivery. So you and your husband decide on a unisex name.
    Scout Valentine Devereaux

    You and your husband decide that you want a big family. You read up on fertility treatments, but decide against them for the time being. You unexpectedly end up with another pregnancy, but are ecstatic upon hearing the news.

    Roll for ultrasound results: 2. Boy
    Ozias Pike Devereaux

    After a couple years, you and your husband decide you want to have another baby. Unfortunately, after months you are still unable to conceive. The doctor prescribes you fertility treatments, in hopes it will do the trick. But oops! It worked a little too well. You end up with many multiples!

    Roll to determine ultrasound: 4. Triplets (B/B/B)
    Fox Juniper Devereaux, Forest Ridge Devereaux, and Stone Falcon Devereaux

    If you prefer summer over other seasons, names from here:

    You decide you don't want to have any more children following the C-section required with the birth of the multiples. But, with your children all growing up, you miss having a baby around. After a lot of thought, you decide to adopt. You adopt a single child from a foreign country, with the promise to give it a nice home and a bright future.
    Lilou Fabienne Devereaux

    After falling into love at first sight with your adopted child, you decide to adopt one more child, from a teenage mother who lives locally. She can't take care of the baby herself, and wishes to find a loving family to take her baby in. After looking at your happy family, she decides you are the couple for the job. Middle name honors the child's birth mother. Her name is Evangeline Elizabeth Kennedy.
    Moses Kennedy Devereaux

    You and your husband are extremely happy with your new adopted baby. You look at each other and smile, knowing your family is now complete.

    Sarah and Ransom:
    Noam, Scout, Ozias, Fox, Forest, Stone, Lilou, and Moses.
    baby BOY arriving november 2015

    currently considering:
    Martin, Shepherd, Edmond, Teagan, Winston, Absalom
    a girl would have been named:
    Beatrix Judith

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