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    Jun 2011
    New Zealand
    DH: Romain Duris
    DW: Celine Duris

    DS: Leo Ulysse Duris
    DS: Henri Augustin Duris
    Leo Sebastian l Ronan Alexander

    current loves
    Felix l Finn l Moss l Heath l Fern l Veda l Tui l Blythe

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    Saskatchewan, Canada
    DH: Joseph Leonard Gordon-Levitt
    DW: Stacey Jayne Gordon-Levitt

    DS: Julian Daniel Tate Gordon-Levitt
    (Daniel after his older brother, Tate a variation on my maiden name)
    DD: Charlotte River Maeve Gordon-Levitt
    (River for the film he won his first award, Maeve after my grandmother)
    DS: Theodore Michael Murray Gordon-Levitt
    (Michael after his grandfather, Murray after mine)

    Jules, Lottie & Theo
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    Auntie to Connor Douglas (2012), Parker Isabella (2013), & Hunter Donald (2016)


    I just started a youtube channel! Please comment on my names video here.
    I believe that maturity has more to do with what types of experiences you've had and what you've learned from them and less to do with how many birthdays you've celebrated.

    (Not currently expecting or TTC)

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    Quote Originally Posted by baileystar View Post
    So, in the unlikely event that I'm going to marry Joey Richter - a supermegafoxyawesomehot singer/actor/zebra/human who is obscure and you should look him up - it's best if I have some names for our kids planned. I tried to think of names he'd like (how much of a fangirl/stalker am I?) and adding in some HP names and some other names that I like. As for the godparents, I'm giving each kid a godmother and a godfather, who aren't necessarily together but probably should be. I'm reading way too much into this, but I'm having a lot of fun naming hypothetical kids with my hypothetical husband who, in my hypothetical world, isn't 10 years older than me...

    DH: Joseph Michael Richter - Yes, I know, he's obscure, but he's my absolute favorite <3
    DW: Bailey Richter

    DD: Juliet Sage Richter - godparents Darren Criss and Jaime Lyn Beatty
    DS: Ryan Hugo Richter - godparents Joe Walker and Lauren Lopez
    DD: Natalie Devin Richter - godparents Brian Holden and Meredith Stepien (who should be married imho)
    DD: Evanna Babette Richter - godparents Brian Rosenthal and Devin Lytle

    Joey + Bailey:
    Juliet, Ryan, Natalie, & Evanna
    This is so incredibly perfect, and I love how most people here probably don't have a clue who any of those people are. But I do, and I freaking love it! Also, the names of your hypothetical children are fabulous!

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    Dec 2011
    I'd have to go with David Tennant... even though he's almost twice my age and married, and also his last name is actually McDonald which sounds ridiculous with my first name. But work with me here

    DH: David John McDonald

    DD: Amelia Genevieve
    DS: Kieran Oliver
    DD: Leora Juliet
    DD: Jessamine Claire
    DS: Rhys Brennan

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    New Hampshire
    DH: Mark Allan Hoppus

    DS: Matthew Allan
    DS: Landon Tex
    DD: Claire Rose

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