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  • Oliver Firth

    4 9.52%
  • Arthur Fionn

    15 35.71%
  • Rowan Edward

    16 38.10%
  • John August

    7 16.67%
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    I really just think I hate every single boys' name.

    I am having such trouble even finding enough names to get a final four! The exact opposite of my girls' names situation! (if you're interested, another poll here)

    Oliver's my favourite, but my stepsister has a son called Oliver. I don't see her all that much, but still... bit weird? Besides, it is the #1 name. Perhaps I should branch out

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    I really like Rowan Edward and think it flows really well!

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    My favorite name of all of your names is August. (I actually really love the name!) I would pick August Firth or August John... Arthur is my second choice. Fionn is a little odd for me... but it isn't bad. I like Arthur John better. Rowan Edward seems odd to me because both have W's in them. I suggest Rowan Edmund (although I personally don't care for Rowan). John is boring compared to your other cool names.

    I wouldn't want my child to have the same name as my step sister's child. I would try to find a name other than Oliver.

    I hope I helped a little...

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    Thanks for your responses so far, really helpful!

    I'm also thinking about Emmett Henry now. The Twilight connection is a bummer, but I doubt anyone will think of that in a few years time.
    Iris Ailsa May, Hazel Elizabeth Wren, Tess Rosamund Fien, Thais Martha Lily
    Arthur Fionn, Rowan Edward, John August, Oliver Firth

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    I understand your dilemma! When I found out I was having another boy I was excited!...and then I realized I had to name him. I already used the only boys name I truly loved (Simon) for my first son. I like other names but I wasn't so much in love with them. After all, I'm going to be saying this name everyday for the rest of my life. Hefty! I finally think I've found a name I love (Giles) and most everyone is iffy on it at the very least. Unfortunately, or fortunately, I don't care. And then...there's the middle name dilemma...ugh....ANYWAYS....I like your last suggest of Emmett Henry and I do like Arthur as well. While I really like Oliver, I would say it's out.

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