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  • Jethro (Jet) Arthur

    9 25.00%
  • Gabriel (Gabe) Arthur

    15 41.67%
  • Colby Arthur

    4 11.11%
  • Vincent (Vinny) Arthur

    14 38.89%
  • Hugh Arthur

    12 33.33%
  • Beau Arthur

    8 22.22%
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    Thoughts on our little list? More ideas?

    We have a list of names that we both like! I have looked for names that fit into specific categories (like Scottish or Italian or family names) but there really weren't any names from the "categories" that we have loved for our little boy who is coming in December! We started looking through other lists and have come up with some names we really love (but maybe don't quite hold as much meaning). Can I get your opinions on our top 6 names? Can you help us think of more along this style (and what our "style" is). Baby's middle name will be Arthur -- same as his dad's... last name starts with V. THANKS so much for all your help!

    List in no particular order
    Jethro (Jet) - new love - LOVE Jet.
    Vincent (Vinny) -- seems to have an Italian flare - first name we both liked
    Gabriel (Gabe) -- love that it is biblical - usually my husband doesn't really like biblical names but he likes this one!
    Colby/Kolby -- Husbands #1
    Beau -- was going to be my name if I was a boy - is it trendy?
    Hugh -- family name way back

    Thanks for all your help!
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    Jethro- Love the nickname Jet for this name.
    Vincent- nice classic, Vinny sounds friendly
    Gabriel- handsome
    Colby- I like it, and it's not super common. I like the 'c' spelling best.
    Beau- I like this spelling. No, I don't think this is trendy
    Hugh- I think it's charming and sounds distinguished. I think it's great when you can use a family name. I would love to meet a little boy with this name.
    more ideas-
    Abram or Bram

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    Thanks lis for your opinions and suggestions. I really like Abram nn Bram. That might go on the list!

    I just added a poll. I would like to get a feel for what people are thinking about the names. Any that are great or any that are bad?

    I would also LOVE more suggestions! Thanks!

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    Jethro and Gabriel are my favorites from your list, although between the two I prefer Jethro. Especially with the nickname Jet, Jethro is too cool a choice to lay dormant for much longer.

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    Jethro is a guilty pleasure for me. Jett and beau have both been on my lists so those 2 get my vote!!!
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