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    Yeah, most of these are rather ridiculous, and will be problematic.
    Adrian and Adriana? Do you know how likely it is for their documents to get mixed up? I hear of it happening all the time to a Michael and Michaela twinset. Some parents get so caught up they seem to lose their senses.

    The ones I like are:
    Elijah and Isaiah, as matchy as they are, I find it perfect. And I know an Elijah and Isaiah twinset.
    Caleb and Joshua
    Alexander and Nicholas, I love the Nicky and Alex nicknames. I think this got very popular due to Full House twins, and the royal pairing of Alix and Nicky the Russian Royal Family.
    Jacob and Lucas
    Ethan and Elijah
    Benjamin and William, though the idea of Ben and Billy is a bit much.
    Henry and William, lovely but too obvious with the Royal family tie.
    Matthew and Nathan

    Emma and Olivia
    Abigail and Sophia
    Elizabeth and Katherine
    Emma and Sophie

    Ethan and Olivia
    Emily and Matthew
    Charlotte and Henry
    Andrew and Emma
    Emma and Jack
    Emma and Jacob
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    Quote Originally Posted by kala_way View Post
    46 Zane, Zoey - Though I don't understand why people feel the need to end Zoe with a y
    Probably because it's the "literal" spelling of it.
    Honestly, when I see Zoe I think "Zo", not "Zo-ee". :P

    Zoey looks the way it's said to most people.
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    People are SO mean to twins I'd never give my twins matchy names or same initials! A subtle theme sure but thats it.

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    Firstly, Zaelia, anyone with twins should see you for advice before they pick names :-) I would do exactly the same as you & give completely different names. I think 'matchy' names like Oliver & Olivia are only 'cute' for pets, like a pair of goldfish and even then I still don't think I would go there.

    Secondly, I can't believe how many combos are soo bad. I have to say the stand-outs for me were Heaven & Neveah (would Neveah always be the 'bad' one?) and Chloe & Zoey; matchy rhyming issue aside, if you can understand the pn for Chloe, why on earth would you need to tack a 'y' onto the end of Zoe?
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    I'm from Australia, so when I'm referring to popularity I'm using Aussie lists.

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