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    I would be interested to see some data from other countries. Are Americans alone in their terrible twin combinations?
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    Way too matchy, I guess i can sort of see the appeal to having rhyming names that way you can say it fast and both will come haha but seriously the kid who is a few mins or secs younger then the other one must feel like she/he was named after the oldest.

    I remember that when I was younger I wanted to name, if I had twins of course, twin boys Remus and Romulus because of the twin boys in the Rome foundation myth.
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    I totally agree with you about the matchy ones. It doesn't bother me if they start with the same letter or have a similar style--even Autumn and Summer doesn't bug me. But some of those are horrific.

    Here are the ones I really like!

    13 Caleb, Joshua 23
    14 James, John 23
    43 Benjamin, William 12
    48 Jonah, Noah 12

    10 Abigail, Olivia 17
    17 Arianna, Brianna 14
    25 Anna, Emma 12
    33 Elizabeth, Katherine 10

    2 Olivia, Owen 18
    4 Emma, Ethan 14
    5 Isabella, Isaiah 14
    7 Emily, Ethan 13
    12 Abigail, Andrew 11
    15 Oliver, Olivia - I know this is uber matchy but I still love it
    18 Ethan, Olivia 10
    20 Abigail, Benjamin 9
    27 Charlotte, Henry 8
    28 Elizabeth, William 8
    36 Caleb, Chloe 7
    46 Zane, Zoey - Though I don't understand why people feel the need to end Zoe with a y
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    I'd jump at the opportunity to name twins of either gender. I feel cheated, I feel like these parents wasted it, lol

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    I think this just proves that are there are many, many people out there with the same horrible taste.

    strawberry shortcake - I totally agree! A chance to come up with two awesome names and they blow it so thoroughly!

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