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    kgill - you describe my scenario exactly. It is that feeling that she was named too quickly in hospital and that I didn't get it exactly 'right'. She is so beautiful and precious that you want the first big thing you do for her (naming) to feel perfect. My hsb is also happy to support a name change but loves what we have and has bonded with it immediately.

    I don't think that Harlow is so different to Harper - and so would be quite an easy transition. My experience has been that you are the mother and will be spending all day, every day with your baby and you need to be able to enjoy that name. The mother-daughter relationship is special and our daughters name means a lot to us. Your hsb will adjust. The earlier you do it the less of a big deal it will be.

    It was important to me that we both felt conncected and bonded to the name but that didn't happen...and life's not pefect. As a mother I want to feel great about my daughters name. I felt great about the boys name we had - it had lots of meaning and connection for us. I desperately want to find that same feeling in a girls name and then I am happy to change it.

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    I am sorry to hear about this. If it were me I would just keep her name Chloe June and just call her and have your friends and family call her June or Junie too! Good luck.. I believe her name was given Chloe June for some reason and after 1 1/2 years it would be a shame to change it. It will be ok! .

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