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    I think Chloe is wonderful. Harper is nms and neither is Sunday. Mind you she is your baby, but I don't understand what you don't like about Chloe? It is cute, full of character, and will stand the test of time. I do think Harper is very trendy and Sunday is just kind of meh.
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    I do feel it is rather late. But I also feel it's not too late to 'tweak' her name with a nickname.
    Many people have come up with the same idea I was thinking of Cleo.
    Your decscription sounds like a Cleo to me. I think start using it as a nn and her full name will gradually fade in use.
    Alternatives: Clover, Clio and Clea.
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    I personally love Chloe June, but if you truly don't like Chloe then I would recommend changing it, and make sure you do it fast! After the age of 2 children become extremely attached to their name. But if you haven't been calling her Chloe then she is probably not attached to that part any way. I personally like Harper June, as Harper is one of my favorite names. The other name that was already mentioned that I like is Ellery, Ellery June sounds beautiful and goes well with Finley. Good luck!

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    I really like the suggestion of calling her Clover! It is close enough to Chloe that it would be an easy transition, and it offers some spunkiness and uniqueness and character. I think Finley and Clover are a cute combo, too! It also reminds me of Harper, which you love. It's too bad it isn't ideal with your last name, but maybe you'll have to compromise.
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    Chloe June is a beautiful combo. I, like others have already mentioned, think it's way too late to change her name. Not only that but from what you said, your husband doesn't seem thrilled about the prospect of a name change. It seems like he's just trying to shut you up by telling you "ok". I think you really need to consider him in this as well as your baby girl. She is really the only person that should matter in this decision, in the end though. I would be completely understanding if you named her something like Toiletta, but Chloe June is a pretty name. It's not like she would be discriminated against because of her name. I think if anything you should have her go by a nn, Cleo is my personal fav out of the ones I've seen. To me it seems totally selfish of you to want to change her name.

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