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    want to change my daughter's name at 1 1/2 years old...

    My husband and I struggled to agree on names for our second daughter. I just thought that he would eventually give in to one of my favorites or that it would miraculously come to us after she was born. Well, neither of those happened-ugh! We finally agreed on Chloe June, which my husband is fine with. I am not ok with it and find myself not calling her by her name (nicknames). I think it is a pretty name, but it is way too popular for me and I'm kind of tired of hearing it. I love my older daughter's name, Finley Brook, and am a bit sad that I don't love my other daughter's name, which seems more generic to me. I find myself calling her June Bug and toyed with calling her June. I like June but am not sure that it fits for her as her primary name. My two favorite names that my husband will not agree to are: Sunday and Harper (which is climbing in popularity ).

    I know it is quite odd to change her name this late, but I am tired of feeling like her name is in limbo and not wanting to call her by her name. Everyone else calls her Chloe or Chloe June. If I am going to change it, I have to do it asap. Poor thing is probably going to have an identity crisis!

    Some other names that I like are: Mae(doesn't work with June), Eliott(cousin and close friend named this), Matilda(mouthful with Pickle?), Scout(too much of a dog's name?), Parker(husband doesn't like with Pickle). I don't like too feminine of names, but I haven't come up with anything that I think really works with our last name, Pickle, or that I absolutely love. She is blonde haired and blue eyed, with a spunky personality. I also feel like it needs to be perfect or just right to change it so late in her life. My husband has agreed to a change and is so tired of hearing about this, but he doesn't like many of the names I like.

    Please help!!! I would love suggestions for names, and I would like to still keep her middle name, June.

    Thanks a bunch,

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    I personally adore the name Chloe June for a spunky blonde and blue eyed beauty like your daughter, and wouldn't stress to much on changing her name or feeling like she will have an identity crisis. I get called by a different name by each of my family and friends and I am fine, so I think your daughter will be too.

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    This is just my personal opinion, I think it is WAY too late to change her name. Way.

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    I wouldn't change it at that age, it would probably confuse her! I personally adore Chloe June and I think it fits with what your description of her was! Maybe if June doesn't fit with her but you're looking for an alternative you could call her Junie. The Junie B. Jones books feature a spunky little girl named Junie and I think that could be a fitting nickname for your little girl!

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    I agree with you that Chloe is quite generic and popular (compared to Finley on a girl!). Your decision to change her name is brave, and you are right that it needs to be done ASAP or not at all. As soon as she reaches about 2/3 she will well and truly be attached to her name and the transition will be much more difficult.

    I actually really LOVE your name choices. I think Harper and Sunday go fantastic with older sister Finley. June is my middle name, too. So I love it also. Scout is also one of my favourite names, so it's difficult for me to suggest names when if I was your other half, we would agree on a name just fine! Of course, your husbands opinion is important too, so it's good that you want to settle on a name you both love. Be confident that you will find one, and ask him to really chip in with idea's. Do be careful when selecting the name, as the frustration of not loving her current name might make you grasp at the first name you both agree on (and you might end up in a similar position in another year and a half!). You want it to be perfect, and if you don't find it, stick with Chloe and find a nickname as a compromise.

    I thought long and hard, and came up with this list that might provide inspiration:


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