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    want to change my daughter's name at 1 1/2 years old...

    My husband and I struggled to agree on names for our second daughter. I just thought that he would eventually give in to one of my favorites or that it would miraculously come to us after she was born. Well, neither of those happened-ugh! We finally agreed on Chloe June, which my husband is fine with. I am not ok with it and find myself not calling her by her name (nicknames). I think it is a pretty name, but it is way too popular for me and I'm kind of tired of hearing it. I love my older daughter's name, Finley Brook, and am a bit sad that I don't love my other daughter's name, which seems more generic to me. I find myself calling her June Bug and toyed with calling her June. I like June but am not sure that it fits for her as her primary name. My two favorite names that my husband will not agree to are: Sunday and Harper (which is climbing in popularity ).

    I know it is quite odd to change her name this late, but I am tired of feeling like her name is in limbo and not wanting to call her by her name. Everyone else calls her Chloe or Chloe June. If I am going to change it, I have to do it asap. Poor thing is probably going to have an identity crisis!

    Some other names that I like are: Mae(doesn't work with June), Eliott(cousin and close friend named this), Matilda(mouthful with Pickle?), Scout(too much of a dog's name?), Parker(husband doesn't like with Pickle). I don't like too feminine of names, but I haven't come up with anything that I think really works with our last name, Pickle, or that I absolutely love. She is blonde haired and blue eyed, with a spunky personality. I also feel like it needs to be perfect or just right to change it so late in her life. My husband has agreed to a change and is so tired of hearing about this, but he doesn't like many of the names I like.

    Please help!!! I would love suggestions for names, and I would like to still keep her middle name, June.

    Thanks a bunch,

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