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    I also want to add that Chloe June is adorable and I think it would be best to keep any new name you choose as close to her birth name as possible

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    I adore the name June. If you already call her by her middle name so often, why not go with that? I agree with the pp that Juniper is an adorable name/nn for June! Junie as well...I also love the name Juno. However, I do think Finley & Juniper are a pretty great sibset!
    Personally, I would keep her legal name as-is and call her by her middle name and/or a variant of it. There are so many people who have always been called/known by their middle names quite exclusively--my mother and grandmother are two examples, actually!

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    I adore the suggestion of Cleo. It is an amazing name, not too feminine but also very spunky. The best part is that it's actually pretty close to her current name, just a better 'fit.' It would be a much easier transition for your whole family if the name change was subtle. For example, going from Chloe June to Cleo June would be easier than going from Chloe June to Matilda June, you know?

    That being said, I think - as long as the name transition is done in the right way - it will be painless and not too confusing for her - especially if you refer to her by nicknames primarily right now. Cleo is my vote.

    Not very important to mention, but this happens to be my first post on here!

    After reading some comments, I'm also going to add that I ADORE the name Juniper as well, and that is also workable. Please let us know what you decide on and how you went about making that decision. Best of luck!
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    I, too, think it is too late to change her name. Wouldn't it be very confusing for an 18-month-old toddler if everyone suddenly started calling her by a different name?
    Yes, Chloe is a very popular name and June isn't a very uncommon middle name, but her name IS very pretty, IMO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pennypickle View Post
    Thanks for the thoughtful suggestions. I really like Piper and Clover, but don't seem to work with our crazy last name.
    I also like the idea of using a double mn of Chloe June. But, it's your daughter and your choice. She's still young enough. A name change isn't the worst thing that could happen to her. People in this horrible world sometimes set out to hurt their children. Your motives aren't to do any damage and I don't see any occurring at that age. Every good parent makes decisions that other's don't agree with. You decide what's best for your child, and if that's changing her name to something that will make you smile when you say it, instead of cringe...I think that's a pretty good decision. It may take her a little bit to make the transition, but better now than later. I think it'd be worse to have a mother who didn't like saying my name than having it changed before I could even start calling myself by it.

    There are Tons of kids who are called something different by people close to them. This wouldn't be too different than that. I have a cousin who always went by his middle name with his mother and all of our family. I had no idea until I was about 12 or so that he went by his first name "officially" and with his dad and dad's family. He knows who he is. No identity crisis. Also have a friend with a child the age of my oldest 18months. Father's side is Irish and Mother's side is Spanish. The two sides say her name totally differently. She wasn't regularly around her mother's side until the last 6 or so months. She has no trouble and it didn't take long to learn to respond to what those family members were calling her.

    As for the quoted part at the top, I really wouldn't worry about trying to "fit" a name to your last name. I totally understand you not wanting something that Clashes. But, with that particular last name, I think it's more of a case of finding something that doesn't sound bad with it, more than something that sounds good with it. We have a similarly hard last name to "fit". I don't really think that Anyone's name "flows" with it, it's more like you just have to get used to it, in my opinion. Though, I do agree that those two don't particularly work well.
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