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    This is harsh ....but I am saying the honest brutal truth: don't be selfish..this would harm your daughters mental health and emotional well being. Its too late to change her name..get over it and name your next kids Harper and Sunday... its a very cute name

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    Personally, I don't think it's too late to change her name (though it seems to get a lot of flack from certain members on here, hundreds of adopted kids have their names changed every year, and it doesn't seem to negatively affect the majority of them, and they adjust just fine). If it bothers you so much that you're cringing whenever you say the name, I would change it. I would rather know my mom gave me a new name she REALLY loved rather than grow up seeing my mom hated my name so much. I mean, I'm still not a huge fan of my name, 100%, but the one thing that keeps me seeing the appeal behind Ashley is that my mom literally adores it so much.

    I don't really have any new suggestions (although I think Harper and Sunday are cute!), unisex names aren't my thing. But maybe you could do something like Avery, Sloane, Madigan, Rory, etc.? If you decide to keep her name, maybe you could be a bit inventive with a nn. I think CJ, JJ, JC (Jacey), Lola, Clover, Cleo, Cici/Cece/Ceci, Coco, Juju (or even Julie/Julia), etc., could be nns, even though some are a bit of a stretch. I think Junebug/Junie is just adorable, though, too. My personal favorite of the nns would be Lola.

    Good luck!
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    Way too late to change her name - for her and everyone else (think about what message this sends to your eldest daughter).

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    I think at this point, Chloe is too old for a name change. Call her Clover or June as a nn, but allow the child to retain her identity. I mean, the fact that you said in your original post that you fear your daughter is going to have an identity crisis should answer your question right there. It's her name that this point, and she's old enough to know her name. It's her identity. Taking that away from her at a formative period in her life seems more problematic than you learning to live with the name she has.

    And what about the other people in her life? Does her dad call her Chloe? Her grandparents? Does her sister know that her name is Chloe? It might be confusing for Finley if her sister's name suddenly changes.
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    I don't think that it's too late to change her name, especially if you're not calling her by her given name anyway. It is not psychologically damaging to her at this age and with the aforementioned circumstances. Lots of people have naming regret and change their children's names. Adopted children often have their names changed--with or without their consent and at various ages. A friend's sister-in-law adopted two girls and loves one of their names but very much disliked the other girl's name. The girl was about 8 and named Jasmine, called Jazz or Jazzy. So the adoptive mom changed the girl's name to Jazzlyn, which she liked considerably better. No harm, no identity crisis. I don't have any name suggestions but just to be very open with your husband about it and get him involved as much as possible. You WILL find something you both love and that suits your daughter.

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