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    I think this is one of the situations where you should ask yourself, what's best for your daughter. Does she suffer from her name? If there were huge problems with her name, her name being ridiculous or anything like that I'd say change it. But this way I see it like this:

    1. She has a name that won't do her any harm.
    2. You want to change it because you're not in love with the name, not because you believe the name will lead to problems for your daughter. So the changing isn't really about her, but about you (sorry, that sounds harsh...)
    That's why I think it wouldn't be fair to make her go through a name changing, it is part of her identity
    3. Maybe she would prefer Chloe over her new name

    I don't think you love her any less than your daughter with the name you love. After all (and this comes from a person who thinks about names 24/7) it is just a name. And it's hers. It already is.

    Also, I think Chloe June is beautiful.

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    I don't think its too late to change her name despite what people think but you do need to do it soon. Naming is a thing you need to get perfect or else you'll regret it for the rest of your life. What about Finley and Jasper? I also agree that Chloe is too popular. However, in the end it is your choice and nobody can make that decision for you. You'll know really what you want but might just be too scared to tell people. Be different. Go for what YOU want.

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    It is never too late to start a new nick name. Kids adapt. But I would leave officially changing it up to her.. she may not like her new name and/or not care. I know several people that go by completely different names than what is on their birth certificate. Most of which gained that name as young child. I know if it were my child I would not officailly change it. But if you think of something that just seems to fit her better... I don't find it a problem calling her by that name. But I do think Chloe June is beautiful!

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    Quote Originally Posted by conley View Post
    This is just my personal opinion, I think it is WAY too late to change her name. Way.
    I know someone who changed her daughter's name at three and is now adding a second middle name at 4.5 years old.
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    I really do appreciate all of the feedback. I do not think any of the advice has been harsh but is completely honest, which is what I am asking for. It has given me a lot to think about. I do agree that having a common name will not harm her or hinder her in any way, but I cringe every time I hear someone call out Chloe. I am a teacher and feel bad for students when there are a couple/few of them with the same name. I don't want my daughter to be Chloe P. I know it is really late, but I do not call her Chloe at all. I want to love her name, but I'm not sure that I can come up with something to love enough to change her name (other than my top 2 favorites). I do really like the suggestion to keep Chloe June as a middle name, if I do legally change it. I am going to think about this long and hard. Thanks for all of the advice.

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