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    I think it's definitely too late to change her name, I like Chloe June personally, and think it fits her personality well. But by now she's used to hearing her name, babies start responding to their name from around 5 yes I think it's too late to change her name now.
    I would use a nn if you don't like her name, I know a Chloe and mother always called her Chloe bom Bowie and her friends called her Lowie. So use your imagination and think of a real good nn.
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    I don't think it's too late. It's not like you're changing a 5yr olds name, she's only 1. At that age my niece responded to Coco, Ri-ri, Boo, Sunny, and Puff. She wasn't confused then and she hasn't had a breakdown now that we only all her Cori

    Have you considered Juniper with a different mn? I personally don't like it but Finley & Juniper seem like a good set. Finley & Clover could work too
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    That's not fun that you feel this way, but you should leave her name alone. There's a reason you gave it to her. So, you might have done things differently in retrospect, but you made a decision. You just have to come to accept it and love it. You should start teaching her (along with her big sister, cause she's watching your every move I'm sure) that you should love and be proud of everything that makes you who you are...that includes your name. Give Chloe a chance to love her name and find ways to make it more special to you. Such as, concentrate on the sweetness of your little girl's voices saying the name. Find meaning and relive the moment (there has to be one) when you decided on her name. Remember, her name has history, a beautiful sound, and compliments Finley perfectly. Most importantly, having a popular name has never stopped someone from doing great things and/or being a unique individual. I don't think Chloe will have a lesser chance than Mae or June at being anything she wants to be. This isn't a matter of what people will think if you go through with it...who cares what people think! This is your child...but I would stop to worry about what Chloe and Finley will think. That does matter.

    Sorry if I overstepped here, but this website helped me through a similar issue with my daughter's name (not as late in the game but still...) and I SO appreciate it now that post-partem hormones are no longer an issue. I do love the suggestion of C.J. if that feels right to you.

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    I personally like Chloe.

    That being said, I don't think it's late at all to change her name. Or will she have an identity crisis.

    It's most important that you, her birth mother of all people, to love her name. Good luck! I hope you find a name you love.

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    I absolutely agree with 'thetxbelle'.

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