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Thread: *New* Long CAF

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    LN: Dillon

    DH: Owen Reed
    DW: Makayla Grace

    How many Births; 5
    How many Adoptions: 2

    DS/DS: Benjamin Tyler and Seth Jacob "Ben"
    DD/DS Sophia Rebecca and Ethan Vincent
    DS: Alec Josiah
    DS: Noah Thomas
    DD: Tabitha Rose

    ADD/ADS: Abigale Hope and David Levi "Abby"
    ADD/ADD: Miranda Grace and Genevieve June "Evie"

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    LN: O'Riley

    DH: Donnald
    DW: Angelique Diane

    Roll The Dice

    How many Births: 8
    How many Adoptions: 4

    Birth 1: Jasper Seth
    Birth 2: Imogen Brigitte and Madeline Eloise
    Birth 3: Lucia Beatrix
    Birth 4: August Joseph
    Birth 5: Tabitha Adelaide
    Birth 6: Cadence Holiday
    Birth 7: Dashiell Luca
    Birth 8: Barnaby Georg

    Adoption 1: Jessamine Mae
    Adoption 2: Henry Isaiah
    Adoption 3: Cassandra Gwen
    Adoption 4: Landon Sullivan

    Donnald and Angelique O'Riley and their children: Jasper, Imogen, Madeline, Lucia, August, Tabitha, Cadence, Dashiell, Barnaby, Jessamine, Henry, Cassandra and Landon.
    Raphael, Daniel, Luca, William, Alexander, Casimir
    Sophia, Amelia, Lily, Cassandra, Charlotte, Genevieve

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    LN: Howard

    DH: Jordan Matthew
    DW: Hillary Rayne

    DD/DD: Rosalie Alice and Afton Kate
    DS/DS: Quentin Lawrence and Julian Nathaniel
    DD/DD/DS: Ashling Jolie, Emmeline Sylvie, and Kalman Davis
    DS: Hudson Jonah
    DS/DS: Irving Walter and Newton Randall
    DS: Maverick Blue
    DS/DD: Colt Jasper and Etta Josephine
    DD/DS: Adelaide Eleanor and Cyrus Vincent
    DD/DS: Evelina Rose and Rory Pete
    DS/DS: Grayson Jordan and Porter Ryan

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