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    Gordon and Angela met at an engagement party for their mutual friends, Jason Kingsley and Persie (Persephone) Lawrence. Gordon was fetching a drink for his date, Leah, when Angie bumped his arm and he spilled the screwdriver all over himself. She tried to help him clean up, but they ended up just laughing hysterically. Angie gave him her number and told him to call her with the dry cleaning bill.
    Well, he called, but it had nothing to do with dry cleaning. He couldn't get her out of his mind. They made a date for later that week, and had a wonderful dinner. They went back to his place for a drink, and ended up staying up all night talking. They were both surprised by the similarites in their lives.
    They were both born in 1970, both only children, and both grew up in small towns in Kansas, him in Perry and her in Thayer. They both headed to the East Coast for college, Angela heading to Northwestern in Massachusets to earn her BA in journalism, and Gordon to Cornell in New York to get his Masters in Communications, specializing in advertising. After college, they both had become wrapped up in their careers. Gordon was working at a small advertising agency and Angela was working as a copy editor at a magazine publisher.
    That all nighter they pulled, where the sexiest thing that happened was a kiss goodbye and a promise to call the next day, was the beginning of something special. They saw each other 5 out of seven days that week, and almost every day for the rest of the year afterward.
    At the end of that year, at Jason and Persie's wedding reception, Gordon commendeered the microphone to give a toast to the newlyweds and share how there love brought sunshine to his life. At the end of his speech, he got down on one knee and proposed to Angela. She said yes! Five months later, the invitations went out...
    They had a lovely wedding with 75 of their close famiily and friends. Jason and Persie were their best man and maid of honor, and they each had 2 more in the bridal party. The men wore black tuxes with silvery vests and the bridesmaids wore sofy peachy pink dresses with silvery detail.
    Angela's gown was a one strap gown with a flowy skirt and silver details.

    Gordon and Angela had decided they both wanted a large family, and they wanted to get started right away. They really expected to come back from their honeymoon in the Bahamas expecting their first little one, but it just didn't happen. By the time their first anniversary rolled around, it still hadn't happened. They finally decided to seek medical help.
    Dr. Porter was a nice older guy, very paternal. He ran hormone tests (all fine), checked for tubal defects (clear as a whistle), tested the sperm (swimming and populated). Their infertility was totally unexplained. The doctor decided to perscribe them clomid to increase their chances, and they decided to start the adoption work ups to increase their luck too.
    Five months after starting Clomid, they got some really great news. A little boy had just become available for them to meet. His name was Wyatt Cole, he was 2 year old, and his mothers rights were severed after she left him in a car for 4 hours on a freezing winter night while she went to the bar. He lost 2 toes and half of his pinky finger, but none of his adorable sweetness. As soon as they laid eyes on his curly blond hair, they knew he was their son. Three weeks later he was officially placed in their home while they waited for the adoption process to complete.
    Angela was really feeling the strain of the adoption process. When she started getting sick, at first she chalked it up to nerves. When her period never came, she figured it must be the stress. When she couldn't drink a glass of Pepsi, she KNEW something was up. Almost positive she was crazy, she didn't tell Gordon she was going to test, but he heard her scream from the other side of the house. He found her curled up in a ball crying on a little white stick with a big pink line.
    Eight months after he was placed in their home, Wyatt officially became Wyatt Cole Summer. Two months after that, he became a big brother to Garrett Jasper Summer, named for Angela's father and Jason and Persie (Jas-Per). Garrett was a great little baby, and Wyatt did everything a 3 year old could to help out.
    The next 6 months were wonderful. The boys grew and Wyatt began showing a real interest in music. He could make anything in to a musical instrument. Garrett said his first word. No, it wasn't mama, it wasn't dada, it was bubby. Gordon was working on starting up a new ad agency. Jason and Persie had just announced they were finally expecting after their 3rd round of IVF, but they lost the baby soon after.
    Angela started to get the urge for another baby, so she began taking the Clomid again. She really expected it to take 6 months again, but 6 weeks later she almost threw up in a Subway sandwich shop, and started to wonder. Later that night, a test confirmed they were expecting again. At her first doctors appointment, she mentioned how quick the morning sickness came this time, so he decided to do an ultrasound. He pointed out Baby A and Baby B on the screen to Angela and Gordon, and they were extatic. At 37 weeks, they welcomed Charlotte Olivia and Katherine Sophia Summer.
    Over the next year, a lot of amazing things happened. Jason and Persie got pregnant again, with triplets, and they stuck! They welcomed Miranda Ivy, Vivian Eliza, and Thaddeus Felix on October 3rd. Gordon's company was names Best Small Advertising Agency by Advertising Age magazine, helping them to score a couple of national campaignes. Angela had a short story for children published in an anthology with several well known authors. Wyatt started a gifted preschool and began to take some piano lessons. Garrett started walking, running, and yelling.
    It was New Years Eve of 1998. They were watching Sick Clark and getting ready to ring in the new year when Breaking news came on the screen. The reporter was on the scene of a horrible head on crash. Their were 3 people incolved, and 2 were fatalities. The cars were so mangled you couldn't tell what kind they were, but Angela gasped when she saw a very distinctive baby blanket laying on the ground. She knew that blanket becayse she spent hours making 3 of them for Persie's baby shower.
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    The next hours were spent calling hospitals. They explained that Jason's parents were dead and Persie parents lived in Greece, but no one would tell them anything. It was only the next morning that Jason's little brother, Chris, confirmed what they already knew. Persie's family was contacted and they refused to even come for the funeral. Jason's brother was only 19, and he had no clue what to do. It was left to Gordon and Angela to plan the funeral.
    After the funeral the lawyer, wanted to meet with them. Jason and Persephone had made a new will before they babies were born. They were very specific in their wish that the children be raised by Gordon and Angela should anything happen to them. Mr. Despo had been in contact with Persephone's parents in Greece, and they did not care to challenge the will, and Jason't brother wasn't prepared to take care of them. Jason left 100 shares of an online company called Amazon that wasn't worth a whole lot now, but showed promise, and might help care for the kids.
    Miranda, Vivian, and Thaddeus joined the household, and 4 months later, legally became Kingsley-Summer's. Life moved on, and breathing became a little easier. Angela began to write a novel loosley based on her life.
    In the fall of 1999, Wyatt started Kindergarten, Garrett was 2 and wanted to go with him so bad, Lottie and Katie were thriving as were there little siblings. You would never guess they were 10 months apart, they are so close. Mandy, Vivi, and Tadd are a little smaller, but very vocal and laughing all the time.
    The year 2000 roles through, and the world doesn't end. Gordon wants to have another baby, and Angela agrees that it is time. Again, they try with the Clomid, and nothing happens. After 6 months, the doctors suggest a new medication, an injectable, to speed things up. It works. and on there anniversary, the find out they are expecting twins again. Sadly at 4 months Angela starts to have some spotting and contractions and baby A is lost, but baby B is still going strong. She is born and 40 weeks and 1 day, and named Emmaline Coralie Summer.
    Emmy is about 12 weeks old when Angela is pretty sure she has a bad case of the baby blahs. She doesn't want to get out of bed, she feels totally run down and unable to do anything. Gordon insists she go to the doctor. Imagine her surprise when he tells her she is pregnant. With pregnancy never coming easy to them, they didn't bother preventing after their "6 week reunion" after the baby came. The end of 2001 brings them Joseph Lucas and Thomas Levi Summer.
    It is May of 2002, and Gordon's ad agency is flying high. Angela has a job in a new field, blogging. She has a mommy-blog called Newborn Again discussing the challenges of parenting, reviewing new products, and answering common questions. Wyatt is 8 and in advanced second grade. He not only plays piano, but guitar as well, and he is learning violin. Garrett is 5 and just started Kindergarten. He wants to follow in his brothers footsteps but isn't really talented at music, however he reads at a second grade level, understands basic math, and can count to 100 witout hesitation. Lottie and Katie just turned 4 and Mandy, Vivi, and Tadd are right behind. They are a fun little group, you would thing they were quints. Lottie is the barginer. She will try everything she can to get her way. Katie is the tender hearted one. She gets her feelings hurt so easily, but she is always the first one to try to help when someone is hurt. Mandy is the mama bear, let another kid mess with her group and she comes charging in, roaring, with no fear. Vivi is the joker. She makes everyone laugh. Tadd is the prince. the girls all dote on him and are so sweet to him. He loves every minute of it. Emmaline is a pretty happy 1 year old. She doesn't talk much, but she manages to make her wishes known. Joey and Tomtom are 6 months old. They look as different as night and day, but they are twins till the end. They refuse to sleep seperately and they laugh at each others babble.
    Near the end of 2002, Angela's blog took off. She was asked to appear on several Tv shows and began compiling her blog posts into a book of advice for parenting. For the next couple years she was on tour across the United States, stopping everywhere except Chick-fil-a, to promote her book.
    In June of 2005 Angela and Gordon celebrated their 10th anniversary. Wyatt turned 11 and was a violinist in the junior symphony and drummer in a kids 80's rock cover band called High Voltage. Garrett turned 8 and had fallen in love with Baseball. He tried machine pitch for a couple years and this was his first year to try coach pitch. He couldn't wait until next year when he'd be old enough for official Little League. Lottie and Katie were 7 and are finally starting to do some things on their own. Lottie was in love with her dance class and Katie is very in to reading . Mandy, Vivi, and Tadd are 6 and coming in to their own as well. Mandy loves horses. She was obsessed with horses. She wanted a horse! She was still very protective of her siblings. Vivi liked to sing and act. She was the showman of the group. Tadd was a little cooks helper. He loved to stir and spoon and even cut (with a butter knife). Emmaline is 4 and had a few problems. She statarted having stuttering issues and when Angela and Gordon took her to the doctor, they found out she was having tiny seizures. They were controlled by medications, but Angela still worried over her a lot. Emmy loved dolls, from baby to Barbie. Joey and Tommy were 3 and a half. They were little imps and in to everything, joined at the hip.
    Angela realized that, at 35, if she was going to have another baby she had better get it done or make a firm decision not to. She hmmed and hawed, and discussed it over and over with Gordon before deciding they would try for one more. They tried for about 4 months with no help and nothing happened. They went to see a specialist (Dr porter was gone), and they ran the tests all over again. Unfortunately the HSG showed Angela had blockages in her tubes. They said if she wanted to have a baby it would have to be IVF.
    They did all the hormone shot and she produced eggs like a pro. Several fertilized, but only 6 made it to viability for freezing. They implanted 2 and froze 4, and nothing. They thawed 2 more and had them implanted, and nothing. They decided to sign up for a private adoption this time and were put in rotation for birth mothers to see. They were scheduled to go in for their final try at FET when they got a call that a birth mother had chosen them. They set up an appointment for the end of the week, and Wednesday, they went in for their final transfer.
    The birthmother was a 15 year old foster child. Sobbing, she told us that she was sure that she couldn't raise a child on her own and was already fighting with her foster mom about being pregnant. She said that before her mom died, she was an only child and had often felt lonely, and that is why our busy house seemed perfect for her baby. After our meating with her, her case worker met with Angela and Gordon (with her permission). The case worker told them that, after her mother killed herself, she had been in the system for 5 years and up for adoption for most of that but no one wanted an older child. Gordon and Angela knew right away that they were going to be growing their family, and right then and there they started the process to adopt 15 year old Verity Evelina Brower. Three weeks after they filed the papers and Verity was placed with them, Angela got the results of her beta back at 9000 (very high!). The doctor wanted her in right away.
    Gordon and Angela hired babysitters and rushed to the Dr's office. He immediately said that those numbers were off the charts and he wanted to do an ultrasound to see what was going on. He made a lot of Hmmms and Ahhs as he moved the wand over her stomach, and finally Angela could take it no more. She blatently asked the doctor if it was twins again. he smiled and said that there were twins turned the screen to her. He showed her a flickering spot and called it baby A, then he pointed to another flicker and pointed it out as Baby B, baby A's identical twin. Then he pointed to another flickering spot and told them that was baby C. Holy Cow, Triplets.
    They went home and gathered all the kids together to tell them what they learned at the doctor. All the little ones seemed to be very excited. Verity was a little reserved and they asked what she was feeling. She admitted that she was wondering if there was still a place for her with three more baby coming, plus the baby she was expecting. Gordon and Angela hugged her to them and told her she was their daughter, their oldest child, the firstborn, and that she has a place in the family for the rest of her life, and if she wasn't there tomorrow the family would have a hole in it that couldn't be filled. Verity started to cry, and a shocked look came over her face. At the same time they all looked down and realized Verity just broke her water. Off they went back to the hospital and after 11 hours of labor they welcomed Bowyn Leigh Bella Summer.
    Months went by, Verity was a wonderful mom with the support Gordon and Angela gave her. The adoption was finalized and Verity legally became Verity Evilina Bowen Summer, making Angela and Gordon grandparents (much to their delight). Angelas pregnancy was tough, but pretty uneventful until the 34th week when she started leaking fluid. An ultrasound confirmed a small leak in the twins amniotic sac had left them almost dry, and that having the babies was not just necesary but an emergency. They rushed Angela in to surgery. Fourty minutes later Olive Adelaide, Pearl Frances, and Henry Cecil Summer were brought out one by one, small but alive. They spent 5 weeks in the NICU and came home to their family happy as can be.
    Nobody ever said life was easy.

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