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Thread: *New* Long CAF

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    LN: Nelson

    Owen and Alyxia Nelson first met when they shared a foster care home. Owen was 17, Alyxia was also 17. About a year later, after they both had graduated from high school and had moved from their foster home into a house together Owen proposed to Alyxia. Three months later they married, their reception was small, and they shared a few nights at a bed and breakfast for their honeymoon.

    About 2 years later, after they both had earned college degrees, Alyxia got a phone call. Her older brother, Kyle, who had had three children had been arrested and his three kids needed a place to go. Immediately Alyxia and Owen became parents to a 8 month old, Ella Mae, a 3 year old, Jack Ezra, and a 5 year old, Luke David.

    Almost 6 months later Alyxia received another phone call, this time her younger sister had gotten herself into trouble. She'd had twins and was only 15 years old. Already having three children Owen and Alyxia knew they couldn't let Alyxia's niece and nephew grow up without family. They became legal guardians of Caleb Isaiah and Ivy Clara when they where 3 weeks old, leaving them with a 6 year old, a 4 year old, a 14 month old, and three week old twins.

    Five weeks after the twins moved in Alyxia discovered she was unexpectedly pregnant. 9 months later came her and Owen's first children together, Alice Rosalie and Seth Felix. They now had newborn twins, 10 month old twins, a 23 month old, a 4 year old, and a 6 year old.

    Alyxia and Owen knew they needed to move to a larger house, so they found a 6 bedroom home with a huge yard. They wanted to have more children and decided to wait until their twins where two, so that all of the children would be older. Alyxia received another phone call from the woman that had been her caseworker while she was in foster care, her sister, Cami, who she had barely known, and her only sibling that also had her life together, had died in a freak accident leaving behind her three children, a 10 year old named Adelaide Rory, a 7 year old named McKenna Rose, and a 5 year old named Logan Riley. The children soon moved in with the Nelson's. There was now a 10 year old, two 7 year olds, two 5 year olds, a 3 year old, two 24 month olds, and two 12 month olds.

    Alyxia and Owen decided they where done having children. While they only had two children of their own they had 8 older children, and they where both only in their 20's. Alyxia settled down as a stay at home mom, while Owen worked to pay the bills. When their oldest child, Addie, was 13, McKenna and Luke where 10, Logan and Jack where 8, Ella was 6, Caleb and Ivy where 5, and Alice and Seth where 4 both Owen and Alyxia where longing for another baby. They welcomed their third child, Simon Jude.

    2 years later came the adoption of Hunter Brady and Connor Greyson, Owen's best friend's, Brady, 6 year old twins. This friend had passed away from cancer, and the boys had been left to Owen if anything was to ever happen to Brady.

    2 years later, again, Alyxia and Owen longed for another baby to hold in their arms, the surprise came 7 months later, their little girl, Tessa Elisabeth was born a few weeks early. She was in the hospital for a few weeks after her birth, but she came home and was a healthy little girl after the scare of her early arrival.

    4 weeks after bringing Tessa home Alyxia found out she had accidentally become pregnant, 8 months later her and Owen welcomed their twins, Ruby Lola and Levi Thomas.

    When the twins, Ruby and Levi, where 8 months old Owen received a phone call, his only sibling, Veronica, had three children who she couldn't provide for. Owen knew that they had their hands full with their 14 children but he couldn't let his niece and nephews go to complete strangers. After talking to Alyxia they became parents to three more children, a 5 year old named Flynn Dexter, a 8 year old named Eloise Faith, and a 3 year old named Henry Louis.

    Owen added onto their house so that each child could have their own bedroom, unless they where a twin, or where the same age as another sibling. When the Nelson family went out in public everyone stared at them, but none of the children cared. They where happy with their large family, and they would't trade it for the world.

    Owen and Alyxia had, children ranging in age from 23 to 8 months. Alyxia got another phone call. Apparently her brother Aaron had three children he had refused to take custody of when their mother died. Bronwyn Paloma was 7, Delaney Violet was 5, and Nico Beckett was 4. The Nelson's welcomed the three new children, and they quickly became attached.

    Four years later the older 5 Nelson children where beginning their own families. Alyxia and Owen where surprised to discover that Alyxia was pregnant after the older children had volunteered to watch the younger ones so their parents could take a well dissevered break after raising 22 children, and being apart of their 7 grandchildren's lives. Nine months later, when their oldest was 27, Owen and Alyxia welcomed their 23rd, and final child, Elijah Jude.

    Nelson Children:
    Addie, 27
    Luke, 24
    McKenna, 24
    Jack, 22
    Logan, 22
    Ella, 20
    Caleb, 19
    Ivy, 19
    Alice, 18
    Seth, 18
    Simon, 14
    Hunter, 12
    Connor, 12
    Eloise, 12
    Bronwyn, 11
    Flynn, 9
    Delaney, 9
    Nico, 8
    Henry, 7
    Tessa, 6
    Ruby, 5
    Levi, 5
    Eljah, 2 weeks.

    DH: Owen Matthew
    DW: Alyxia Carly

    *Birth 1: Alice Rosalie and Seth Felix, Girl/Boy
    *Birth 2: Simon William, Boy
    *Birth 3: Tessa Elisabeth, Girl
    *Birth 4: Ruby Lola and Levi Thomas, Girl/Boy
    *Birth 5: Elijah Jude, Boy

    *Adoption 1: Luke David, Jack Ezra, and Ella Mae, Boy/Boy/Girl
    *Adoption 2: Caleb Isaiah and Ivy Clara, Boy/Girl
    *Adoption 3: Adelaide Rory, McKenna Rose, and Logan Riley Girl/Girl/Boy
    *Adoption 4: Hunter Brady and Connor Greyson Boy/Boy
    *Adoption 5: Flynn Dexter, Henry Louis, and Eloise Faith Boy/Boy/Girl
    *Adoption 6: Bronwyn Paloma, Delaney Violet, Nico Beckett Girl/Girl/Boy

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    LN: Morgan

    DH: Owen Beckett
    DW: Artemis Aster

    Roll The Dice

    How many Births:
    5. 8

    How many Adoptions:
    1. 2

    Roll the Dice

    Birth 1: Boy/Girl- Felix Benjamin and Esme Elizabeth
    Birth 2: Boy- Leopold Vincent
    Birth 3: Boy/Boy- Nico Josiah and Alec Hendrix
    Birth 4: Boy/Girl- August Wyatt and Iris Patience
    Birth 5: Girl- Florence June
    Birth 6: Girl/Girl- Josephine Ruby and Tabitha Opal
    Birth 7: Girl- Matilda Pearl
    Birth 8: Girl- Audrey Amaryllis

    Adoption 1: Girl- Clementine Minerva
    Adoption 2: Girl/Girl- Sylvia Genevieve and Mabel Violet

    Owen 45, Emmy 43, Felix and Essie 23, Leo 21, Nico and Alec 19, Gus and Iris 14, Florrie 12, Posy and Tabby 10, Tilda 9, Ada 5, Cleo 3, Sylvie and Mabel 6 months
    Girls: June Rosalie, Clio Genevieve, Mabel Juliet, Greer Vivienne, Iris Lucia, Margot Laura, Sylvie Maeve, Ingrid Scarlett, Florence Pearl, Lara Josephine

    Boys: Christopher David 'Kit', Maxwell Jude 'Max', Edward Stephen 'Teddy', Rex Kingston, Frederick Oscar 'Freddie', Gilbert Leo 'Gil', Gideon Felix, Hugo James, Tristan Josiah, Ivan George.

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    Ontario, Canada
    DH: Owen Connor DW: Catherine Jayne
    Births: 4 Adoptions: 2

    Birth 1: G/B twins - Emmet Colin and Chelsea Jane (12)
    Birth 2: Single B - Henry Owen (10)
    Birth 3: Single G - Elisabeth Amalia "Betty" (9)
    Birth 4: G/G twins - Nora Lilac and Chloe Iris (6)
    Adoption 1: B/B twins - Calvin Benjamin "Cal" and August Gideon (4)
    Adoption 2: Single G - Lillian Pearl (1)

    The 9 kids: Emmet, Chelsea, Henry, Betty, Nora, Chloe, Cal, August and Lillian

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    LN: Temple

    DH: Joseph Lennon "Joss"
    DW: Seraphine Honey "Sera"

    How many births: 6
    How many adoptions: 4

    Birth #1: Senna Mary Bella (girl)
    Birth #2: Eva Grace Sophia and Imogen Lila Eloise (twin girls)
    Birth #3: Carolina Annika Sarai "Coco" (girl)
    Birth #4: Nora Mercy Lilac and Griffin August Noah (girl/boy twins)
    Birth #5: Agnes Josephine Edith (girl)
    Birth #6: Arrow Breaker Seven and Wilder Lyric Blue (twin boys)
    Adoption #1: Hattie Clementine Frances (girl)
    Adoption #2: Hazel Florence Aurelia and Emmett Silas Jasper (girl/boy twins)
    Adoption #3: River Jack Ianto and Wilfred Rory Charles "Will" (twin boys)
    Adoption #4: Finley Blair Harper "Finn" and Hunter Sullivan Jackson (girl/boy twins)

    Joss and Sarah, with:
    Senna, Eva, Imogen, Coco, Nora, Griffin, Agnes, Arrow, Wilder, Hattie, Hazel, Emmett, River, Will, Finn and Hunter

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    Violet Gray
    No longer a teenager, still sad and name-obsessed

    Jude, Theo, Luca, Oliver l Eliza, Rose, Kate, Dahlia

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