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Thread: *New* Long CAF

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    Dec 2012
    LN: Henry

    DH: Noah Reed
    DW: Eleanor Emeli

    How many Births:
    4. 9

    DS: James Demetri
    DD/DS: Brigitte Evianna & Oliver Vincent
    DS/DD: Micah Josiah & Isobel Beatrix
    DS: August Levi
    DD/DD: Josephine Beth & Agnes Opal
    DD: Cadence Ever
    DS/DS/DS: Atticus Milo, Hugo Magnus, & Sebastian Kai
    DD: Audrey Elsa
    DD: Nora Maeve

    How many Adoptions:
    3. 5

    DD/DS: Rowena Hope & Theodore Jasper
    DS/DD: Gideon Silas & Hazel Willa
    DS/DS: River Luke & Rory Jack
    DD: Finley Paige
    DS: Artemis Keegan
    Hannah, 17. Teenberry, story writer, story reader, Slytherin, human rights activist, and name nerd since 10.

    Current Fictional Character: Deveraux Culpepper

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    Jun 2012
    Surname: Wilson

    H: Theodore Scott Wilson
    W: Lillian Edith Wilson

    D: Alice Victoria Wilson [birth one]
    D: Elizabeth Charlotte Wilson [birth two]
    D/S: Lydia Frances Wilson and Benjamin Ambrose Wilson [adoption one]
    D: Eleanor Hazel Wilson [adoption two]
    S: John Luke Wilson [adoption three]
    D/S: Emilia Mariel Wilson and Josiah Benedict Wilson [birth three]
    D: Morgan Harper Wilson [adoption four]
    D/D/S: Bridget Iris Wilson, Anna Margot Wilson, and Isaac Noah Wilson [birth four]

    Ted & Lily; Alice, Eliza, Lydia, Ben, Nora, Jack, Mia, Joey, Morgan, Bridget, Anna, & Ike

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    Apr 2011

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    Oct 2009
    LN: Rhodes

    DH: Odin Reed
    DW: Bethany Jayde

    How many Births:
    5. 8

    How many Adoptions:
    3. 5

    Roll the Dice

    How many kids (roll once for each birth/adoption):
    1. Boy
    2. Girl/Boy
    3. Girl
    4. Girl/Girl/Boy OR Boy/Boy/Girl (you pick)
    5. Girl/Girl
    6. Boy/Boy
    7. Boy/Boy/Boy OR Girl/Girl/Girl (you pick)
    8. Boy
    9. Boy/Girl
    10. Girl

    DD/DD: Tatiana Wren & Anastasia Raven "Sasha"
    DD: Athens Imogen
    DD/DD/DD: Charlotte Elise "Charlie", Francesca Belle "Frankie", & Alexandra Jade "Andy"
    DS/DS: Gentry Matthias & Maximilian Anthony "Max"
    DD: Amity Grace "Amy"
    DS/DS/DD: Cillian Reed, Lachlan Royce "Lach", & Aoife Rachelle
    DS: Austen Wyatt
    DD: Ysabeau Nicolette "Beau"
    DS: Emmett Dean
    DD: Elliott Mirabelle "Ellie"
    DS/DD: Tucker Blaine & Mabel Olivia
    DD/DS/DD: Sumaira Alia, Anees Muhammad, & Sana Isadore
    DS/DD/DS/DD: Bentley Ray "Ben", Lillia Clare "Lily", Bradley Jude "Brad", & Lola Mae

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    Nov 2012
    DH: Anderson Bennett Kolhoz
    DW: Madeleine Diane Kolhoz

    B1. DS/DS: Jasper Emmett Kolhoz & Jacob Charles Kolhoz
    B2. DS/DS: Oliver Leopold Kolhoz & Owen Sebastian Kolhoz
    A1. DS: Gideon Maxwell Kolhoz
    B3. DS/DS/DD: Willem Nico Kolhoz, Benedict Arno Kolhoz "Ben", & Sylvie Isobel Kolhoz
    A2. DS/DD: Luke Barnaby Kolhoz & Phoebe Alice Kolhoz
    A3. DD: Amelia Lilith Kolhoz
    A4. DS/DS: Jackson Porter Kolhoz "Jack" & Cooper Grayson Kolhoz
    B4. DS/DS/DS: Calvin Joseph Kolhoz, August Wyatt Kolhoz "Gus", & Theo Patrick Kolhoz
    B5. DS/DD: Archibald Otto Kohloz "Archie" & Cora Irene Kolhoz
    B6. DS: Arrow Free Kolhoz
    A5. DD: Artemis Noel Kolhoz
    B7. DS/DS/DD: Dexter Orson Kolhoz "Dex", Milo Luca Kolhoz, & Isla Hazel Kolhoz
    A6. DD/DD: Harper Eloise Kolhoz & Tabitha Agnes Kolhoz
    A7. DS/DS/DS: Rowan Beckett Kolhoz, Dashiell Matteo Kolhoz "Dash", & Jude Finn Kolhoz

    Anderson & Madeleine with their 28 kids: Jasper, Jacob, Oliver, Owen, Gideon, Willem, Ben, Sylvie, Luke, Phoebe, Amelia, Jack, Cooper, Calvin, Gus, Theo, Archie, Cora, Arrow, Artemis, Dex, Milo, Isla, Harper, Tabitha, Rowan, Dash, & Jude.
    A 18 year old girl with a penchant for names (◡‿◡✿)
    Current Favorites [changes frequently]:
    ♀: Robyn, Zoe, Lux, Terra, Romy, Salem, Pearl
    ♂: Wolf, Orion, Knox, Archer, Beau, Flynn

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