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    Seren and Eira (prn Ay-ra)..... Mean Star and Snow in Welsh .... Or Celyn - Holly .....

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    Ooh I do think Holly is a bit much with that last name, and maybe a little too Christmasy. I do think it would work as a middle name though! Caroline with that last name is also heavily alliterative, although it works to some ears I'm sure (it sounds good to mine, but yours are what matter). Although with twins you maybe don't want one to be alliterative and the other not? So Caroline might be good in the middle. Actually then Caroline and Holly might be complimentary middles since they both have that sound overlap with the last name. One option: Ivy Caroline and Evangeline Holly. Then you get Holly and Ivy, too, but it's not too obvious. Good luck!

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    I love Holly Noelle for a Christmas girl

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    Ivy Caroline & Evangeline Holly = LOVE

    but, Evangeline Holly Collins? Not so much.
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    I really like Ivy Caroline, and I really like Evangeline as well, although I don't really like the sound of Evangeline Holly. Maybe Evangeline Grace, Evangeline Hope, Evangeline Snow...
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