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    I kept my last name. It just felt weird to change it after being known by something else (both professionally and personally) for close to 30 years. Our children are going to have my husbands last name (no hyphenation, second middle name or the like from my last name). Changing just felt strange to me and my husband didn't care either way. I guess it will be a little weird to have a different name as my children but I'm sure we'll get used to it quickly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sixpomegranateseeds View Post
    Not true. Many extremely religious cultures do not recognize the custom of a woman taking her husband's name. The Arab culture immediately comes to mind. Please don't assume that our American customs are universal!

    Personally, I did finally take my husband's name, but only after a year of marriage. It did take me quite some time to acclimate to the idea. I finally decided to do it now that we are thinking about starting a family. I dropped my middle (I hated it anyway)and stuck my maiden name in there.
    I'm not sure what isn't true - I never mentioned anything about religious cultures. I mentioned that the Bible teaches about two becoming one... and that in my eyes, sharing a family name is one of the many ways of showing that you are indeed one. Because we're in this culture, I'm talking about this culture. I actually married into an Arab family, so interesting you would bring them up - and back in their home country, a lot of my husband's relatives do not share the same last name... but when they come here to they do change to the same last name. Once again... I'm talking about this culture - western.
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