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    I am taking my fiance's last name, although I agree with tintri 100% that we should respect the woman's choice whatever it may be. I am going to for reasons already mentioned. It's simpler and I want to feel like a family unit. This is not to say that other families do not have just as strong a bond with different names! The feminist in me hesitated about changing my name, however my "maiden" name is my father's last name, and my mother's last name is her father's name, so I don't see the difference if I take my husband's name.

    I read about a few couples that take the wife's last name! The reaction from society was less than supportive.

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    I took my husbands last name. My maiden name was incredibly difficult for most people to pronounce (silent letters are cruel) and honestly, I was happy to be done with it.

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    I am not married, but when I do marry I will take my husband's last name and move my maiden name to a second middle. Honestly, I wouldn't even bother to do a second middle if I weren't so attached to my initials. I share them with my g-grandfather, grandfather, and father (All Harry Benjamin M) and my nephew (Hunter Brady M). I would hate to give up this connection because I love it so much . So Hollyann Beth M I will remain... plus my husbands last name I've considered before not bothering and keeping my own name, but I do want to have the same last name as my future children, who will take their dad's name. I had a teacher in high school who's kids I went to school with, and it was so confusing that they were, for example, John A and Jane A and she was Ms. F. It always threw me off. So yes, I want the same last name as my kids. I've considered using my last name as a middle for at least one of my children, we'll see.

    Of course if I married someone with an M last name, I'd probably just take theirs and not bother with mine in the middle, haha. But my SO's last name starts with a C. And I plan on marrying him So there goes that idea!
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    I took my husband's last name, but moved my maiden name to be a second middle name. Reason being that we were fairly young when we married, so I hadn't yet established a professional identity or had any publications under my maiden name, and I loved the unity of just being "The 'Smiths'."
    That said, my mother had also kept her maiden name as a second middle name, because she hadn't wanted to hyphenate but also didn't want to lose it, as she was one of two daughters and the name wasn't going to go on. So to me, I've always thought that "First Middle Maiden NewSurname" looked like a "married" name and First Middle NewSurname looked like it might be someone's birth name or might be their married name. So i was a bit biased towards doing it that way!

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    I took my husband's last name when we got married. As others have stated, I like the cohesion it gives the family. (Also, I'm just too lazy to write out two last names all the time. LOL) I do have a few friends who have hypenated and one who just kept her maiden name. With all of those friends though, when I send something to the families on a whole (Christmas cards, family present), I address it to the husband's last name (The Smiths, The Wongs, etc) and everyone's fine with it. I also have a few friends who were attached to their maiden names but not their middle names, so when they got married, they replaced their middle name with their maiden name and took their husband's last name. So yeah, lots of options out there for people today.

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