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    I took my husbands name, my maiden name was Smith, I hated how boring it sounded; its extremely common in Aus.
    Hubby's last name is Dutch, really long and interesting sounding-I love it!
    I took hubby's last name because I think it joins us as a family, and I really love the idea of a whole family sharing the last name.

    I went to school with a girl who had 4 different last names in their house(maiden names, father name and step father names) it was very confusing!

    If you'd like to keep your last name, I suggest hyphenation (for the sake of future kids) or you can actually put it in the middle spot, so you have two middles, which would be cool!
    Good luck

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    I, too, changed my name because I wanted my whole immediate family to share a name. I spent a lot of my life looking forward to getting rid of my hard to pronounce (okay, nearly impossible on the first try!) name but, when the time came, it took me until almost my 2nd wedding anniversary to legally change it! I did feel quite sentimental and sad to let my maiden name go in the end. I thought it would be so much easier to match my future kids' names to my husband's very easy to pronounce, anglo name. But, of course, lots the names I am really liking start with the same letter as my married name (which is the same letter that both of our first names begin with - all a bit too matchy-matchy for my taste)!

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    I'm not married because I'm only 16, but my mum kept her name. Where I live it's pretty normal to have one first name and 2 last names instead of one first name, one middle and one last, and both of my parents have 2 last names. When they had my brother and I they simply gave us my mum's first last name and my dad's second last name, if that makes any sense. Since it's so normal to have 2 last names to me, I would probably just keep my name and give my children two last names, if I were in your situation.

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    It is only a relatively modern idea to decide whether or not to take your husband's name when you get married. When I married in the 60's it was the norm to take your husband's name. We all loved taking our husband's name, we were proud to be called Mrs (last name) and I sorely miss the custom of calling someone who is married Mrs (last name) as a matter of course. I really dislike the familiarity that the young ones take as a matter of course with oldies by calling them by their first name.

    It was ground breaking stuff when young women were given the option of using Ms instead of Miss and it took a long while to catch on, and I believe it didn't catch on until there was a spike in the number of people leaving university and taking up a career.

    So would I take on my husband's name if I had my time over again, an emphatic yes! However, I do like the anonymity that a Ms name gives a business woman and I endorse a business woman being Ms (maiden name) when at work but Mrs (husband's name) in private life.

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    I took my husband's last name when we got married. My main thought was ease of identifying our family unit ('The Zimmermanns') particularly once we had kids. My husband said that when he was little there was always some confusion in school (think permission slips etc) about his relation to his mother since they didn't share the same last name and I didn't want to deal with that. Plus it was just important for me to have the same last name as my kids for some reason. I kept my last name in the form of a second middle, and might have considered giving it to my kids too if it had flowed better (names ending in S don't really work well before names beginning with Z).

    As a side note, my husband's father's last name was changed when he was little because his widowed mother remarried. Had my husband had his father's original last name I might have been more hesitant about changing: Sexsmith. (Hmmmm....)

    One very athletic couple I know had a long distance relay race between the bridesmaids/bride and groomsmen/groom to see which last name the couple would take together. I thought that was a unique way to decide!
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