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    Well, at work I still go by my maiden name, but I have officially changed my name to my husband's last name. My children will always have my husband's last name. Maybe I am a bit old fashioned.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mamamaassy View Post
    I very happily took my husband's name. I believe what the Bible teaches about two becoming one - in my eyes, it's hard to be one when you don't share a family name. Names are (obviously) important in life, and it's how we identify family units. It's very much a modern notion to not take your husband's name - very women's lib. I really don't subscribe to that at all.

    I loved my maiden name, but getting married was a whole new step in life, and annoiting myself with a new name was appropriate as I stepped out into my new role as a wife.
    I really like how you stated that.
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    I am getting married and I have discussed the matter with my fiance' a lot. I always though it was unfair for the woman to have to give up her name and take his. However, I don't have a strong connection with my family and don't want to keep their name either. I wanted to kind of do the modern day thing where you combine them in some way or even pick a new one, but our last names just didn't work, so instead I finally decided to take his.

    I also didn't want to hyphen since our last names are both long and it would just be a pain for me. I also didn't want our kids to have to deal with that. I wanted us to all have the same last name and if that means I have to take his, then I will.

    When I brought up that he could took my last name (to make a point), he was against the idea because he liked his name and it was what he was called all his life. He basically got the point, so as a compromise, I get naming rights on our children, which means I get to pick and he has to either like it or veto it.

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    I am not married yet, but most definitely do not intend to switch my last name. My last name is Zhang, while hard to pronounce (the zh is rolled in way I cannot explain ), it holds so much meaning to me. My mother kept her maiden name, Liu, while I took my father's surname (Zhang).

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    I took my husband's last name, but I changed my middle name (which I never really cared for anyway) to my maiden name. Professionally, I go by all three names, but in my everyday life, I'm known by our family name. It's kind of a "best of both worlds" scenario for me.

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