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Thread: Tullia

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    A friend of mine has a FB friend called Tulia. (Spelled that way). She's Finnish (Tulia, not the friend.)

    I think it looks gorgeous, but only if it's pronounced to rhyme with Julia (not 'Tully -uh'), which I'm presuming it is...?

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    How did your parents find the name Tullia pre-Internet? : D. I mean, I'm guessing books, but curious if there's another story. Or did they "create" it to get to Tully?[/QUOTE]

    Yes, Tully & Tullia both came from a book of names. Sadly, the book has disappeared; it had the shortlist of boys & girls names for me written inside the cover which made it a nice little keepsake.

    Recently I met my first ever other Tullia, and I asked if she gets called Tully and she said "no, never!" as if I was crazy...
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    @jeska (nice handle ; ) )! - So interesting! I have Finnish heritage. I think I have a vague memory of seeing Tuulia out there, will have to research Tulia.

    @lrmum - that must have been a neat feeling on the whole to meet her : D. Although I have a hard time seeing her having the name and not getting Tully at least occasionally, too! I mean maybe if you didn't like it and were clear about it, it wouldn't be often, but still. That is the shame the book has disappeared. I hope it shows up!

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    Tullia is gorgeous, I recently mentioned it in nameberry post because it has been on my mind since reading this blog entry on "Baby Names From Yesteryear"

    Tullia - Tullia Ciceronis was the beloved daughter of the great orator Cicero. After her death in childbirth, a grief-stricken Cicero wrote 'I have lost the one thing that bound me to life'. Although her name has no known meaning, her largely untold story is enough to captivate anyone.
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    I think Tullia is lovely! Very, very pretty.
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