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    Okay, I can give it a shot even though all the others have suggested wonderful names.

    Aria Beatrice
    Aria Margaret
    Aria Penelope
    Aria Josephine, Aria Juliet (Both these names already suggested)

    Overall I really love Aria Josephine, Aria Beatrice, Aria Rosamund (already suggested), and Aria Penelope.

    Beautiful name choice for a girl.

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    Two more ideas:
    Aria Phoebe
    Aria Daphne

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    My daughter's name is Mattie Mae and I liked the suggestion of Aria Hazel the best. I like Aria Josephine and think it sounds great next to Mattie but my husband does not. Why must he be so difficult Aria Grace is the name I keep coming back to. My 3 favorite names and the 3 names my husband and I seem to agree on are Sadie, Aria and Sophie. We also love Hazel as a middle. Any other suggestions for Aria's middle name?
    Mom to Mattie Mae & Jackson Chief

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