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Thread: Chance BNG

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    Your name is Josephine Elizabeth Decker, but you go by "Josie." You're 23 years old, and you're married your high school sweetheart, Alexander John Decker. He goes by "Alex," and he's 24. The two of you have been married for 3 years now, and you're finally ready to have a baby.

    At 23, you give birth to a baby girl and name her Audrey Althea Decker. She's perfect, and you feel like your life finally has meaning.

    5 years go by, and you've been unable to get pregnant. You and Alex decide to try IVF, and it's successful! All 4 of the eggs implanted, and you give birth to B/B/B/G quads. Their names are Dylan Henley Decker, Elliott Quinn Decker, Graham Crosby Decker & Lily Josephine Decker. They go by "Dill, Leo, Graham & Lily." You feel like your family is complete after the arrival of the quads, and you have no time to even think about adding more children to the family.

    However, less than a year after giving birth to the quads, you find out that you're pregnant. You and Alex are both shocked, but elated when you welcome a baby boy 7 months later. You name him Abram Xander Decker. He goes by "Bram."

    You think you're done having children after Bram is born, but 9 years later, at 39, you find yourself wanting another baby. You and Alex decide to use IVF treatments, and you deliver a healthy set of twins a week after your 40th birthday. You name them Ava Aurora Decker & Abigail Avery Decker. They go by "Ava & Abby."

    After the girls are born, everything falls into place and your family is finally complete with 8 children.
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