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Thread: Chance BNG

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    Your name-
    If you live in a rural community, your first and middle names come from
    Vida Cosette

    Your husband’s name-
    If your nails are painted, his first and middle names come from
    Jackson West

    Your first pregnancy-
    If you prefer dinner to the other meals, you have a girl. Her first and middle names come from
    Matilda Maude

    Your second pregnancy-
    If you were born in January, February, or March, you have boy-boy-girl triplets. Their names come from
    Xavier Marco, Emiliano Luis and Mariana Dulce

    Your third pregnancy-
    If you are wearing both a necklace and a bracelet, you have a girl. Her names come from
    Lucienne Simone

    Your fourth pregnancy-
    If you are wearing long pants, you have boy-girl twins. Their names come from
    Gabriel Javan and Evangeline Yael


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    Foley Alabama
    Ny Name: Susannah Edith Buerk
    His name: Gabriel Lucas Buerk
    Child #1: Audrey Hope Buerk
    Quads: Jethro Mac Buerk, Cooper Graham Buerk, Dylan Riley Buerk, and Julia Spring Buerk
    Child #6: Carson Ryder Buerk
    Twins: Anna Grace Buerk and Louisa Claire Buerk

    Adalyn, Adelaide, Blythe, Charlotte, Eloise, Emery, Evelyn, Everly, Fallon, Fia, Fio, Gabriella, Grace, Hadley, Hera, Ivy, Jane, Leah, Leila, Lilac, Lilah, Lyra, Mary, Thea.

    Ace, Alec, Anthony, Atlas, Axel, Brice, Cassius, Cormac, Clyde, East, Eli, Emerson, Emmett, Eric, Everett, Ezra, Falcon, Kai, Lander, Leander, Liam, Lucas, Micah, Pace, Parker, Pilot, Solomon, Tobias, and Zeus.

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    My Name: Josephine Eve
    Husband: Hunter Agassi

    1st pregnancy:
    Violet Mabel

    2nd pregnancy:
    Cooper Jett
    Henley Nash
    Rio Ozzy
    Lola Daisy

    3rd pregnancy:
    Evi Luna

    4th pregnancy:
    Eleanor Irene
    Margaret Carter

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