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Thread: Chance BNG

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    Your Name-
    Eva Gwendolyn

    Your husbands name-
    Rigby Jackson

    Your first pregnancy-
    Rose Allegra

    Your second pregnancy-
    Marco Cristian, Xavier Fernando & Bianca Valentina

    Your third pregnancy-
    August Bowie

    Your fourth pregnancy-
    Constance Helen & Honor Caroline
    Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns. ~George Eliot

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    Your Name: Adele Margaret
    Husband’s Name: Payton West

    First Pregnancy:
    Girl: Ellie Maude

    Second Pregnancy:
    B/B/G triplets: Hugo Pim, Marco Jesse, & Betsy Wednesday

    Third Pregnancy:
    Boy: Weston Archer

    Fourth Pregnancy:
    Grace Irene & Rachel Honor

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    My name: Zenobia Juno Lux "Zeni"
    DH's name: Emmanuel William James "Manu"

    Matilda Audrey Pilar "Tilda" (girl)
    Milo Harvey Sander, Phineas Hugo Zeke "Finn" and Peggy Wednesday Zora (boy/boy/girl triplets)
    August Bowie Foster (boy)
    Raphael Javan Gabriel "Raph" and Seraphina Laila Yael "Fifi" (boy/girl twins)

    Tilda, Milo, Finn, Peggy, August, Raph and Fifi <3

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    Your name- Tilly Cerys

    Your husband’s name- Max William

    Your first pregnancy- Tessa Hope

    Your second pregnancy- Xavier Cristian & Marco Antonio & Liliana Dulce *Lili*

    Your third pregnancy- Simone Danika *Simi*

    Your fourth pregnancy- Emerson Margaret *Emme* & Honor Anna *Nora*

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