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    A middle name for Nora...

    Hi! My husband and I are expecting our third baby in March. We are set on Ezra Finnegan for a boy. For a girl we are set on Nora. We agree that we want to give her a middle name that will honor my grandmother who passed away in December. Her middle name was Frances....So, should it be:

    Nora Frances
    Nora Francesca
    Nora Francesca-Rose ??

    My other daughters are Ivy Zofia and Eden Fiona so I threw the Rose in there to keep the nature theme going. Any other suggestions?


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    I love love love Nora Francesca! So beautiful and sophisticated. -- My Amazon Author Page

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    I like Nora Frances best out of your choices, there is a simplicity, beauty and sophistication to it.

    As for other suggestions I also like Nora Lee only because I'm a big fan of Wilco and folk music in general, there's a song they recorded with Billy Bragg of Woody Guthries lyrics called "Hesitating Beauty" about a girl named Nora Lee. It's so happy and sweet, makes me think of a beautiful, sweet, ethereal young girl.

    If you're interested:
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    I like Nora Francesca - that's a gorgeous combination.
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    I love love love Ezra Finnegan! Nora is great too. I would choose just Nora Francesca. They're both beautiful names.
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